How to Do SEO for Small Business


Why should a cash strapped, time poor small business focus on SEO?!



But right now, like most small businesses, any revenue generated online through SEO happens by accident…

Today we’re going to FIX THAT!

The following resources will help you understand why SEO is important to your small business and send you down the path to harnessing the power of SEO to generate revenue…  (to stay up on the latest resources on SEO subscribe to updates for free by Clicking Here)

How do I know SEO works for Selling Online?

For the last five years I’ve worked for a small, family-owned business.  It’s that experience… The experience I’ve gained through marketing our business, (a main-street insurance agency), Online over the last three years that gives me the confidence and authority to tell you without a doubt…

…Small Business SEO Works!

Don’t believe me… See my results below:


Why did I choose SEO to market my insurance agency Online?

Because Online Content Sells All Day Long…

…whether I’m in the office or not.

Believe in traditional marketing?

Skeptical about marketing your business online?

Well… I’m glad you asked…

SEO (unlike social media marketing) allows you the time to sell your products and services using the traditional marketing methods you’re comfortable with while building relationships and capturing new leads online at the same time.

That means exponential growth for your business!

Here is why I choose SEO and why you should as well:

How to Do SEO for Small Business

Sold on SEO?



Either way it’s important that you take a look at these next four resources that give detailed feedback and observations on the first four weeks of my small business SEO experiment:

SEO That Works!

SEO works for small business… It’s that simple.  I’m still selling insurance policies today from articles I wrote during the SEO experiment (that means seven months later as of writing this).

So how do you write content that delivers SEO results?

Read this resource on a radical new form of SEO that will ensure a successful SEO campaign:

Not sure what you should write about?

Want to know what keywords will deliver the highest traffic numbers?

Then you need to be using the FREE Google Keyword Tool.  The following resource outlines exactly how to use the Google Keyword Tool to optimize your SEO campaign

What I Want In Return

In return for sharing all this valuable information with you, all I want is For You to Use It!

Go out and take control of your online presence… By harnessing the power of SEO you will be able to…

…increase the amount of traffic to your site

…build new quality relationships with potential customers

…and ultimately generate more revenue Online.

I wish you the best of luck!

I am Ryan Hanley and this is Content Warfare.

Drop Some Knowledge:

How do you use SEO in your small business?  What questions do you have about SEO?  Have you seen results from SEO in your small business?

How to Do SEO for Small Business by

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  • Hi this is kind of of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG
    editors or if you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding skills so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!
    A taste of margarita blender’s work: margarita blender

    • Margarita,

      If you use WordPress there is no coding necessary to Blog. That is the route that I would take if I were you.

      Start with a good hosting service like Bluehost ( and you are one click away from having a WordPress Blog…

      You can then think about adding a nice looking theme but to get going you don’t need to know anything about coding…


      Ryan H.

  • I think sometimes people focus too much on the tech stuff of building an small internet based business. (i.e focusing way too much on all the right keywords). Don;t get me wrong that stuff is important but at the end of the day its all about the new SEO, as you mentioned. You can write posts that are found by everyone but if no one stays what’s the point. Great stuff Ryan!
    A taste of Hector Avellaneda’s work: Uncovered Deficits, Non-Repayable Debts and Massive Debt Liabilities

    • Hector,

      That’s the deal buddy… Write amazing content and people will find out. It takes time and effort but the best SEO is the SEO derived from the actions of people who believe in your message.



  •  SEO competitive analysis today is a bit different than you might have pulled together just a few short years ago. And frankly, we’ve only scratched the surface.SEO is the process of taking steps to assure that your site is placed higher in search engine results than your competitors’ websites.

  • Hi Ryan,

    Great advice you’ve offered. Generally I’ve noticed that a lot of small businesses are too scared of the financial and time implementations when it comes to managing business resources – but the problem is they don’t know the potential there is for businesses online in terms of increasing business opportunities across a bigger market (the internet) and in return increase revenue (amongst others like better PR and Business relations).

    • Anton,

      There is definitely opportunities to increase business throughout the larger market available Online. The ROI can be huge.

      Thanks for stopping by dude.

      Ryan H.

  • Hi Ryan,
    I have been researching a lot lately on SEO topics and your website does give a lot of useful tips. It is hard to focus on SEO because it is almost like trying to put all a lot of small pieces together in order to obtain some results. So far I have learned quite a lot but I am still working on implementation.
    A taste of Mariella Lombardi’s work: US Marine Replaces TRX Destroyed By a Roadside Bomb – The Benefits of Using the TRX Suspension Training!

  • Ryan – Awesome Man! Thanks for sharing your experience, and for all the tips and tools. This post is bookmarked and I will be implementing. I fully agree with you SEO is vital, SEO works, and you have provided a great resource for anyone anywhere!

  • Hey Ryan,

    I’ve been publishing consistent content for over a year now and can say it’s the best investment in time I’ve ever made in my business. Wish I was doing this since I started in the insurance business. I generated not only website leads and call ins (the best leads there are), but referral relationships from other agents. Anyway, good stuff here…really enjoy reading your posts.
    A taste of Jeff’s work: HSBC Life Insurance With No Exam Options

    • Jeff,

      I love hearing from other insurance professionals that are creating content and seeing results. This stuff is so powerful and not enough of us are taking advantage.

      I wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing from you again!!

      Ryan H.

  • John,

    Thank you… This originally started out as a resource landing page but I ultimately decided to turn it into a post instead.

    I also think that your style and process are perfect for what you’re trying to sell. Get them in the door with SEO, turn them into clients with your awesome content… You do such a great job of that John. I was instantly hooked on your material after reading the first post.

    Thank you for stopping by!!

    Ryan H.