How to Create Your Own Content Machine with Dan Norris | #133 CWP

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“Hope” that your content marketing efforts will produce results is NOT a smart strategy.

In this episode of the Content Warfare Podcast we’re joined by Dan Norris, founder of WPCurve and author of the new content marketing book, The Content Machine.

Dan doesn’t waste his time describing tactics that will undoubtedly have changed in a month. Instead, he focuses his work on the foundational principles of content marketing (something we Content Warriors love to discuss).

Dan’s book is the perfect companion to my own book, Content Warfare, where we dived into the principles of content marketing as well.

Where so many would-be gurus focus on tactics, as you’ll hear in our conversation, Dan’s believes as I do that learning and understanding how to implement the principles of content marketing is the key to success.

What is the key foundational principle to content marketing success for your business?

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