How to Create Auto Awesome Videos in Google Plus [Video]

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Today on #googleplusfriday we’re going to discuss a great tool for telling your story on Google Plus, Auto Awesome.

If you hang around Google Plus for any period of time, you’re bound to see someone share one of those moving, gif-like image videos…

…and you probably wondered to yourself, how the hell did they do that? And why are they tagging the post #autoawesome?

Auto Awesome is the name given to the tool used by Google to create these motion videos from images you upload to Google Plus either through your cell phone or computer. When the right set of photos is detected in your Google Plus photo album Auto Awesome videos are created for you to share as you please.

But before we go too much farther watch this short video on what Auto Awesome is:

My first Auto Awesome video was of my dog, (she’s awesome don’t judge me).

auto awesome

If you’d like to watch my Auto Awesome video for an example watch Izzy Auto Awesome.

Auto Awesome Checklist

  1. Download Google Plus app to your android or iPhone.
  2. Go into settings under camera settings make sure that Auto Backup, Auto Awesome and Auto Enhance features are all turned on.
  3. Start taking pictures.

It’s that easy. Google does all the work of creating the Auto Awesome videos for you. After taking your pictures, wait a few minutes and then check your photo album.

Your Auto Awesome video will be waiting for you, ready to share on Google Plus.

This video is part of ongoing series using the hashtag #googleplusfriday which is dedicated to helping marketers and business professionals thrive on Google Plus. Every week I share one new tip, tactic, strategy or resource for growing your Google Plus presence (all White Hat stuff I promise).

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I am Ryan Hanley.

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