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Do you ever get Jacked Up about your job?

I decided to move this from a page on my site to a post because I LOVE motivational business quotes.  Doing my job well is a passion.  Building quality relationships with my clients  and blowing their customer service expectations away is something I wake up looking forward to ALMOST everyday.  But for those mornings or moments that I get a little down or a little overwhelmed, I’ll always have a Jeffrey Gitomer and Napolean Hill quote around to me fire me up!

insurance man jumpingThis page is a collection of the Quotes that in particular get me Jacked Up!  If your not truly invested in what you do, or don’t take pride in the job you perform everyday, maybe these quotes don’t mean that much to you.  But for those of us that allow positive emotion to drive our success I hope some of these quotes will send a shiver of excitement up your spine!

If you have any quotes that fire you up that you’d like to see added, please contact me and I’ll acknowledge your addition.

Motivation – Inspiration – Success


It is unrealistic nor my goal to add every single motivational quote by every inspirational human being (I’m sure there is a website for that).  But I do have some more quotes that I would like to add by few different people and I will do that over time.

I didn’t add any quotes from Anthony Iannarino but his sales blog is amazing and worth the mention The Sales Blog

And of course if you have any quotes that you would like to add please contact or leave a comment!

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