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David Amerland on How to Harness Semantic Search | #73 Content Warfare TV

semantic search
We just figured out regular search, now semantic search? What the heck?!

Here’s the deal, understanding and harnessing semantic search, whether you’re Red Bull, Coca-Cola or small retail clothing store on Main Street, could determine your success or failure over the next ten years.

Yes, semantic search is that important.

There is no doubt that semantic search is the future of digital marketing and SEO. Terms such a Knowledge Graph, TrustRank and AuthorityRank are creeping into our vernacular. 

The old techniques of getting found in search aren’t working. Everyone is becoming a “content marketer” with no real idea of what that actually means or what your content is supposed to do.

Thankfully, we have +David Amerland, the author of Google Semantic Search and Google+ Hangouts for Business to straighten us out.

In this week’s episode of Content Warfare TV we’re talking Semantic Search and Content Marketing. Don’t miss it.

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