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Why Great Ideas Do Not Create Success Online

Great Ideas

We all want success Online…

Great IdeasWe each have our own personal version of what success Online will look like…

…but if you didn’t want success Online you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

You wouldn’t be reading any blogs… especially not the amazingly talented Marcus Sheridan and Craig McBreen and Mars Dorian and Ana Hoffman and Pat Flynn.

If you didn’t want success you wouldn’t take the time…

So if we’re putting in the time…

How do we become a success Online?

Great ideas…

We have to have great ideas…

Great ideas are a must…

Great ideas are a necessity…

The only way to be a success Online is by finding  great ideas…

We must harness great ideas…


I mean that’s how Marcus and Craig and Mars and Ana and Pat found their success… right?

They had a great idea and that great idea turned into success… right?


Great Ideas are a Must


…if you don’t have great ideas just give up

…success Online isn’t an option without great ideas

…no great ideas no success

…stop trying

…look elsewhere

…great ideas are your only gateway to success Online

…it’s pointless without great ideas



Do you honestly believe that great ideas have anything to do with success Online?

Great Ideas Don’t Mean Shit

Great ideas have nothing to do with your success Online… Nothing!

Success Online is about you.

Marcus is a success because he’s Marcus.

Craig is a success because he’s Craig

Mars is a success because he’s Mars.

Ana is a success because she’s Ana.

Pat is a success because he’s Pat.

Success Online is about doing you.  The unique, awesome you!

Success Online is about your dedication…







and empathy.

Success Online is about tapping into your inner Gangster, pasting your fingers to the keyboard and telling The Resistance to suck a d#$%… errrr… egg.

I want you to be a success Online.

Inside you there is a Marking savant… Inside you is a storyteller… The life of the party… The professional everyone wants to know and do business with…

…but waiting for great ideas is only delaying your success.

The Rub

You want to know why Richard Branson is a success?  Here’s a hint, it has nothing to do with his ability to conjure up great ideas…

Richard Branson is Richard Branson every day of life in everything that he does.  He works his ass off and believes in the ideas he has.

Richard Branson has ideas that he MAKES GREAT… He doesn’t wait for great ideas.

Marinate on that for a second.

Then Click Here to Tweet it!

I’m not saying we can all become Richard Branson.

But damn… You can definitely become a successful (or even more successful) version of You!

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley

P.S. – If you haven’t read my free eBook the No Bullshit Guide to a Successful Blog you should, it’s awesome.

SPEAK YOUR MIND: How will you become the most successful version of you?  What do you work at everyday to get to where you want to be?  Where do you ultimately want to be?

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  • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

    “If a tree falls in the woods…” right?

    If you don’t optimize and distribute your great content no one reads it is it really great?


  • http://www.jackiepurnell.com Jackie

    Hey Mr Hanley

    I’m well overdue on paying you a visit and what a post to make my return to!

    We always underrate ourselves and inflate everyone else…what would happen if we tipped those scales in the other direction I wonder….could it be that we find the success we’ve been dreaming of.

    Yep believe in yourself…its the only mantra that matters.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Thanks for stopping by Jackie… I love you comments!

      If we’re happy with ourselves how can we be happy with anything else in our lives?

      All the best

      Ryan H.

  • http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com Ana Hoffman

    What a GREAT idea, Ryan… Why don’t we just be who we already are…

    “Don’t wait for great ideas; make ideas you have great.” Love it!

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Thanks Ana… A simple concept that goes a long way!

  • http://joshuawilner.com Josh

    Not everyone is going to make money online because great ideas aren’t always great. Sometimes they aren’t executed well or they are offered in a space that is already too crowded.

    And sometimes things don’t work because the people offering the advice don’t really know what they are talking about.

    Some of this also comes down to persistence and who is able to sustain their effort. Who can stick out the grind long enough to tweak and change what needs changing because something always does.

    Those who are mentally tough are those that survive.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      I couldn’t agree with you more… Persistence dude. That is such an amazingly huge part of success Online. Are you willing to do the work… Can you handle the traffic swings?

      Appreciate the feedback buddy.


  • Jeevan Jacob John

    I do agree, Ryan. Great ideas are important, but far more important to our online success is us – being us (of course, there is a difference there – if we are going to be lazy, looking for shortcuts, I don’t suppose we can achieve online success). Instead we have to change our habits, our perspectives and our behaviors, perhaps.

    But, we must also not get too caught up with our personality and our personal brand (if we are doing business online, does our potential customer care about our personality? At first, no. We have to make them care, right? Through our content and style?).

    Anyways, great post, Ryan!


    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      Always we sell through our content and style… Excellent point buddy!

      Thanks for stopping by…


  • http://www.craigmcbreen.com/ Craig McBreen


    Thanks so much for the kind shout out and including me is such amazing company :)

    I love the tone of this post … especially the part regarding persistence, curiosity, ferocity, strength, desire, etc. So very true. Plus, I like the fact that you told the resistance to suck it 😉 Mr. Pressfield would agree wholeheartedly. I’m sure of that.

    I think it’s all about creating good habits and being consistent day in and day out. Sticking with the plan even when things get a bit monotonous … as this will always happen at some point. It’s so damn unsexy, but it’s true.

    Nice post, Sir!

  • Jacqueline Monroe


    Love this post. I like your storytelling style, and you are correct that even in a crowded niche someone can stand out. Letting our personality shine should attract a great audience.

    I’ve been wanting to speak my mind and have been hesitant to do so for fear of losing some loyal readers. You’ve inspired me to take it by the horns and risk losing some readers for the gain of many more that will truly appreciate my authentic style.

    Thank you for this provacative Monday morning read.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      Any readers you lose by speaking your mind weren’t “Loyal” to begin with… Your base believes in YOU!

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Ryan H.

  • http://www.vitalchats.co.za/herbalife-healthy-breakfast-win-amazon-gift-card/ Wade Balsdon

    Cool post Ryan. That sure takes the pressure off! We can all learn to leave our unique mark wherever we go thereby creating awesomeness. I think confidence is an important aspect of what is needed to succeed online. Thanks for another thought provoking and inspiring post.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      thanks Wade… I 100% agree with you that Confidence is very important… Belief in one’s self is of the utmost.

      Appreciate the feedback buddy.

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