Google Plus Profile versus Page (How to decide which content goes where) [Video]

google plus profile versus page

The Google Plus Profile versus Page… a question as old as the social network itself.

…and unfortunately a question that many marketers and business owners still struggle with.

Well today, we’re putting this question to bed. Once and for all we’ll have a definitive answer to question of, “Which content goes on personal profile and which on my business page?”

This video also outlines a simple process for making these content decisions as well as a quick example (Shout out to Demian Farnworth and Copyblogger for unknowingly being my example).

Google Plus Profile versus Page



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Last week’s video provided evidence that Google+ pages yield real results in terms of traffic to your website and…. a stat I didn’t share in that video, time spent on site. Visitors from Google+ spend on average 30 more seconds than the overall average site visitor to both and my insurance agency… I also outlined 5 actions we should take everyday from within our Google+ business page…. very good stuff…

…because we addressed the topic of Business Pages, a resource neglected by most Google+ users, the question came more than a dozen times… 

“When should I use my personal profile versus business page?”

Being that Content Warfare Strategy Sessions is a program of the people, by the people and for the people… I felt it only right that we dedicate an episode to shedding light on confusing question.

So when should we use our personal profile versus our business page?

Your personal profile is for thoughts…

Your business page is for resources…

There’s no reason to make this more complicated than it needs to be. 

Your personal profile is an extension of YOU the human being. We use our personal profile to build human relationships with the other members of the Google+ just like you would in the real world. So sure, you can talk about your business, but it’s important to also talk about everything else that makes YOU, YOU!

This means sharing and commenting on things like your family, your hobbies, the music you enjoy, favorite sports team or television show. These are all thoughts that add up to the larger YOU.The majority of what I post is content marketing, storytelling, success habits… but I’ll throw in pictures of wife and son, Buffalo Bills articles, photography and the occasionally 90’s Gangster Rap YouTube video… because these are the thoughts that make me… me.

Now take my insurance agency’s Business Page… I’m not sharing a Wu-Tang Clan video on my insurance agency business page… 90’s Gangster Rap has no place in our business pages news stream… We’re not building a personal brand, we’re creating a small business resource. 

Your business page should be filled with resources that add value to the clients, peers and prospects with whom you’re connected. For us that means articles on Leadership, Creativity, Productivity, Marketing and yes… there’s some insurance. 

But we’re NOT participating in Caturday. 

Remember, every action you take within Google+ is being used by Google to better understand what topics your business is an authority in. 

If you want a great example of this, look at what Demian Farnworth posts to his personal profile versus the content that’s found on Copyblogger’s business page. One humanizes and enamors us to Demian… the other provides a go-to resource on all things content marketing.

There is a fine, yet pronounced delineation in content. Which doesn’t mean that some pieces of content can’t be shared to both as long it supports the purpose of each.

Remember… Personal profile is for thoughts… where the business page is for resources…

Still confused? Just post your question below and I’ll do my best help you get straightened out…

…or maybe you completely disagree with this strategy… I’d love to hear from you too… 

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