Has Google Plus Made Blog Commenting Obsolete? [Video]

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For years, industrious bloggers have scoured the Internet for active and engaged blog commenting communities as a way to generate more traffic to their own website.

This is exactly what I did when I first started out as a blogger… I regularly visited the blogs of thought-leaders I respected, who also had very engaged audiences, Marcus Sheridan, Mark Schaefer, Ana Hoffman, Danny Brown and many others. For more than two years, I spent almost every morning on these blogs, reading, engaging and commenting.

So much so that I wrote How to Blog Comment Your Way to Consistent Traffic Growth explaining exactly how I did it. Over the course of time, through sharing thoughtful and valuable comments in each of these communities I began to build new relationships and in return accumulate traffic to my own website.

Done right, for the right reasons, blog commenting is a very powerful traffic strategy… because it’s sticky.

Sticky Traffic

Blog comment traffic is sticky when it’s built from value.

No one is following your blog comment link back to your website if you’re not adding value.

This means that blog comment traffic is EARNED TRAFFIC and if these visitors like your site as much as your comments they’re very apt to come back.

This is how I met Craig McBreen, Wade Harman, Jeremy Abel and many others I now consider friends… I met these people inside the comments area of other blogs.

Then Arrives Google Plus

If you’ve been following this blog for any period of time you know I’m completely taken by Google Plus. It’s by far, without a doubt, my number one social network.

I love it…

I created a whole series of posts called #googleplusfriday because of the potential I see in Google Plus for marketers and business owners.

What I love about Google Plus, is what I love about the comment section on great blogs…

…the conversations,

…the thought exchange,

…the value,

…the camaraderie that develops between people as they help each other through different problems.

Google Plus has developed a unique culture of commenting that doesn’t exist on any other social media network.

Now we have Google Plus Embedded Posts…

Google Plus embedded posts add a whole new dimension to blog commenting because the comments are captured inside of Google Plus seamlessly between the embedded post and the original post inside of Google Plus. {See below}

The Argument Against Google Plus

The argument against Google Plus making blog commenting obsolete is two-fold:

An active blog audience builds community.

Advocates for blog comments over comments on Google Plus posts would say that blog comments are a direct indication of community building. More comments show engagement, feedback and growing relationships. All crucial components to a successful online brand.

Counter-argument – Google Plus comments and the subsequent conversations hold just as much audience and branding building value as comments on your blog… except there is more exposure for that conversation on Google Plus.

Blog comments help with SEO.

Blog comments do play a role in search engine optimization. Content inside of comments is indexed by Google and some extent can help with ranking.

Counter-argument – From all accounts blog comments have a very limited impact on SEO. In contrast, comments are actively indexed inside of Google Plus and help post and comment authors gain new connections. 

The Rub

The traditional blog commenting strategy for traffic growth comes with a significant time investment. You have to track down your favorite blogs, figure out whether or not you have any value to add and then actually type out your content.

Which, if your comment actually has value, will contain a few paragraphs of content.

Google Plus removes the time drain of chasing down quality content. You can easily sift through your circles and communities to find great discussions and add your thoughts… yielding all the benefits listed above.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t comment on blogs… absolutely do.

But try to mix in Google Plus as well.

As a combined strategy I think you’ll see some serious results.

Thank you and Good luck.

I am Ryan Hanley.

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