How a Google Hangout Changed my Entire Perspective on Google+


I love Google Hangouts on Air.

Honestly, I’m a big fan of Google+ in general but Google Hangout is by far my favorite feature.

Even though I love Google+, I have been a little concerned about the social network based on some of the “A-Lister” articles I’ve been reading lately about inflated user numbers and lack of main-stream adoption.

But then again maybe reading A-Lister blogs is the problem in the first place (Unless you consider me an A-Lister… Then yes read and believe everything I write)…

Why I Love Google Plus

Very simply… Here are the reasons I love Google Plus:

Why I Love Google Hangout

I’m going to gush a bit here but it’s just awesome.  Ten people on video discussing topics in an understandable format with the ability to transition to any participants screen at any time while maintaining a test chat… And that’s just the base model.

There are an ever growing number of applications being developed including a App for Slideshare that just released which I am very jacked up about.  Now I can develop a presentation for group I’m speaking to discuss the slides with event organizers in real time before we go live… For free.

I could go on and on but Google Hangout being awesome isn’t the point here.

Why Google+ Matters

I’m part of this insurance marketing mastermind group and every month we meet in a Google Hangout to discuss different marketing strategies and help each other grow our Online presence (Technology is amazing).

So last month we’re doing our thing, chatting about insurance marketing Online and all the sudden we get a random addition to our Google Hangout.  Basically some guy drops into the Hangout and we had no idea who he was…

google hangoutIt turns out to be Robert Anderson, a technology entrepreneur who had a few questions about the insurance industry and social media.  He saw our open Hangout and logged in.

His questions were great and we were happy to answer them (This is what social tools are for right… Communication and Idea Exchange).

Then he dropped a little nugget of knowledge that at the time he probably didn’t even realize was as powerful a statement as it was:

“…Google doesn’t care right now that Google+ hasn’t achieved mainstream adoption.  They’re building a platform so much bigger than simply Google+ at it’s base level…”

(In doing a little background on Robert he certainly has the contacts and credentials to make such a statement)

Google+ Is Now a Priority

When I heard this a little light went off in my head… Google+ with as many people as have already taken to the social network (which is a significant number) is only in it’s infant stages.

A random pop-in to a Google Hangout changed my entire perspective on the future of the social network.  Yes I loved it but I was concerned about viability…

No longer…

Rock on Google+ and Long Live Google Hangout!

I’d love to Connect with you on Google+.

Thank you and Good luck!

Ryan H.

SPEAK YOUR MIND: Do you use Goolge+?  Do you agree with my opinion on the future of Google+?