The Ultimate Tool for Generating Revenue from Facebook

Generating Revenue from Facebook

Today I’m going to introduce you to a tool for driving engagement and generating revenue from Facebook page.

Disclaimer: This tool costs money and if you decide the buy the tool using the links I’ve placed in this post I will be paid a commission.

I’m telling you this now, at the beginning of the post, because I hope over the course of our relationship you’ve realized that I don’t blast you with affiliate pitches.

Which means the reason I’m writing this post is because I believe in this product.

It works… and it fits perfectly into ideals of Value First Selling and Just Be Awesome Social Media.

How do I know it works?

As a direct result of using this tool, I made over $2,100 in revenue to my insurance agency during a two week period…

That’s not $2,100 in revenue from Facebook INSTEAD of from some over method.  I made an additional $2,100 in revenue from what I normally produce during that time.

Those are real results (that I plan to double or triple in future Facebook Engagement Campaigns).

Fan Review Engine ROI

Fan Review Engine

We all have Facebook pages for our business…

But how the heck are we supposed make money from our Facebook page?

Great question…

Before I knew about the Fan Review Engine I would tell you…

…and truth be told, that strategy does work.

Over time you build a strong, trusting relationship and when one of your Fans has a need they contact you.  It works… No doubt… and you should not stop doing all those things because of the Fan Review Engine.

But when I was asked to beta test the Fan Review Engine I found a way to truly GENERATE SALES using all the principles of Just Be Awesome Social Media that I believe in so strongly.

So what is the Fan Review Engine?

Well… simply put it’s a Facebook application that allows your clients to give you a review on Facebook.

But you basically can do that already…

So what makes the Fan Review Engine different?

The Fan Review Engine takes your client’s Facebook reviews (think testimonials) and helps them go viral!

We all love the word viral!

The word viral means lots of new eyeballs on our content and tons of new inbound leads to our business.

And that’s exactly what the Fan Review Engine does…

Fan Review Engine

The Fan Review Engine allows your client to leave you awesome reviews and give you/your business a rating of one to five stars.

Pretty simple and straight forward right?

But here’s where the Fan Review Engine gets awesome and what ultimately made me a believer…

The review doesn’t stop at your Facebook page!

When your client leaves a review in the Fan Review Engine that review is also posted on YOUR CLIENT’S Facebook page.

So every review that you get also get’s posted to your client’s Facebook for all of their friends and family to see.

That is powerful stuff…

Additionally the Fan Review Engine allows you to publicly thank each person that leaves you a review.  You get to publicly show appreciation for every review that is left on your page…

generating revenue on facebook

How Do You Get Reviews?

This is where the rubber meets the road with the Fan Review Engine.   I’ve told you before that reviews are the currency of the Internet.

When a person sees in their Facebook news stream that their friend had a really good experience or got a really good deal or simply thinks that are the best at whatever it is that you do… That person is going to want to share in your awesome experience or deal or simply to work with the best person that particular field.

It’s the “Me Too” syndrome!

Oh you got a great deal?

I want that great deal too!

That being the case for the Fan Review Engine to do it’s job you need reviews… duh.

Facebook Fan Engagement Contests

So in an effort to garner as many reviews as I possibly could for The Murray Group we ran a Facebook Fan Engagement Contest.

Generating Revenue from Facebook

Click on the picture to see engagement

Essentially we did a giveaway contest…

The prize was a very awesome generation II iPad (That’s iPad not iPod).  There were two ways that people could enter the giveaway:

So we’re either getting social proof (the review) that The Murray Group is awesome or we’re getting a direct referral of a potential new client.

Both very good for business and revenue driving!

(fyi… in New York State we cannot ask for Quotes directly in a contest of this nature).

The contest also gave our agency tons of great photo opportunities we could share in social media like the picture to the right.  Photos like these in-an-of-themselves generate a excellent amount of engagement on Facebook.  Click the picture of this link (Giveaway Winner) to see all the engagement.

Results from the Facebook Fan Engagement Contest

So here’s the deal… Everything I’ve explained to you so far is great, but none of it is a reason to purchase the Fan Review Engine application and use it on your Facebook page.

Over the course of two weeks we received:

Those are great numbers for two weeks of works… 25 referrals?  Are you kidding me?

But here’s whats behind door number III…

As a result of the contest we received 16 Inbound Unsolicited Quote Requests!

All the buzz and reviews and press we got from the contest and fact that we were giving away an iPad… All that buzz put our name in front of a lot of people.  Then show all those people 59 reasons that we are very good at the insurance business…

Well… That’s when cash started to rain from sky…

In the two week period alone we generated over $2,100 in new business revenue to our agency…

That’s in addition to all the normal insurance agency prospecting we were doing.

And truth be told from over the course of the next three to four weeks we turned that $2,100 into ~$8,000.  But internally I wasn’t prepared to track all the activity we got so that number is an estimate.

The Rub

People… Here’s the kicker… Once you set this thing up you don’t have to do anything but send a few emails to your client base and post on Facebook about the contest once or twice a day.

This is found money and TONS of engagement and goodwill and exposure for your business.

And this works for every industry not just insurance… Frankly because it worked in insurance it goes without saying that it works in any industry.

This entire post has been a pitch for the Fan Review Engine.


You don’t have to buy this product.

I have no expectation and I honestly don’t see myself ever hard pushing something like this again.  But this tool it takes Just Be Awesome Social Media and amplifies… It maximizes your Just Be Awesome Social Media and begins the process of generating revenue from Facebook.

If you’d like to Buy the Fan Review Engine Click Here to Purchase.

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley and this is Content Warfare.

P.S. In September I’m coming out with another Facebook Fan Engagement Campaign in conjunction with approximately ten other local businesses that is going to absolutely blow the doors off this thing… So look for results from that in October.

SPEAK YOUR MIND: What questions do you have about the Fan Review Engine?  What do you think of the process?  Do you hate me for pitching a product this hard?

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