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I’m so happy you stopped by.

Before we get too far into our new relationship,

I’d like to share my Vision for this blog with you:

I  passionately believe learning to effectively communicate online will help each of us to become the best version of ourselves

Every thought

Every concept

Every emotion

Every theory

Every tool

Every idea

Every relationship

Every discussion

Every understanding

Every small success helps us to more effectively deliver value to the family, friends, clients and connections that make our lives important

This blog is my journey to understanding value.  I don’t expect you to always share a similar opinion to mine, but what I do expect is for you to speak your mind whether in agreement and disagreement.

Over time this will transform from my journey to OUR JOURNEY and that’s when growth really begins…

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Purchase the The Social Tools on Amazon… It’s $3.99.  The Social Tools Book discusses the why and how of ten social tools that are essential to getting your blog found online (the now available 4th edition has two additional tools Pinterest and Yelp).

Below are a few articles that will give you a good feel for what this site has to offer:

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