How-to Take a Boring Topic and Create Engaging Content

Engaging Content

How do we create engaging content from industries perceived as incredibly boring?

Great question.  This is actually a subset of the blogging excuse “I don’t know what to write about?”

Engaging ContentYou think that your industry or job or company or product is boring and use that as an excuse to NOT create content for your blog and social media.

What this really means is that deep down you think of yourself as boring…

YOU ARE NOT BORING! (see just be awesome)

And to your customers, the people that need and use your product… Well, they don’t find your product boring either.

Let’s take what I do for a full-time living.

I’m an insurance agent…

Does an industry exist more widely thought of as BORING?!

Probably not (personally I find insurance to be fascinating, but I’m also a Buffalo Bills fan sooo…).

So I work in what is perceived to be by the general public a boring industry…

…selling a boring product.

We can’t take pictures of it.  Our clients can’t really hold it.  Insurance is just this thing that you have but hopefully never use and pay way too much for.


…our business blog absolutely kills it!

We write new business every week directly from our blog.

We’ve grown our Facebook following by 250 followers in last 5 weeks.

We have a 50% open rate on our email newsletter.

We’ve received over 60 reviews of our business on Facebook.

And these are just a few of our accomplishments… and Yes, I am bragging… because I’m damn proud of the work we’ve done.

Can insurance be boring?

Hell yes it can!

But here’s the rub my friend… Only if you let it.

You’re content is only boring if you make it boring…

…So make it fun

…Make it interesting

…Make it relateable

…Make it engaging

…Make it YOU!

3 Methods to Create Engaging Content

The following methods are concepts that I’ve implemented in my insurance business to help make boring insurance content fun and engaging.  The cool part about these methods is their applicable to any industry…

Do they work?

My traffic stats speak for themselves.

1) Put Yourself Into the Content

This is going to be your MOST POWERFUL method to create engaging content in a boring topic.  If you write your blog posts like some soulless corporate machine visitors are going to be bored to tears no matter what you’re writing about…

…add in the fact that your topic is boring (think insurance coverages) and you have solid recipe for that reader to NEVER return again.

Put yourself into the content…

You’re a human being, which means that a human being is writing the blog post.  Human beings do not naturally write or think or respond to corporate sounding blog posts.

These are just a few of the ways you can insert the human into blog posts and these simple references to the fact that you breathe air and have a soul can immediately spice up a boring topic and create engaging content.

2) Don’t Use Stock Photos

You know that web designer you overpaid by about $4,000 to redesign your website (when you should have spent about $300 on Hosting, WordPress and a Quality Theme) who recommended you use professional stock photos on all your web pages and blog posts?

Yeah… That person doesn’t know shit about how to create engaging content.

Stock photos are enemy #2 of boring content.


Because stock photos aren’t YOU.  Stock photos aren’t your business.  Stock photos aren’t real life.  Stock photos are all over the place.

Stock photos make you and your business a commodity!

So what’s the solution?

Simple… Take your own damn photos of the things you’re talking about.

Or… Create your own web graphics.

It’s that easy.

You want consumers to be inspired by your blog posts enough to buy from you… Original photos and web graphics give your blog posts a personal touch and drastically help you to create engaging content.

 3) Don’t Write About Your Boring Topic

OK… maybe that headline should be Don’t Always Write About Your Boring Topic.

Mix in blog posts about topics that are actually interesting and engaging.  Write about local events, employee achievements, clients accomplishments, local sports stories, local artists, local top ten lists, industry wide top ten lists…

If you topic is boring as hell… Well… You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig right?  So maybe your topic is boring and no matter how much you insert yourself the topic its still boring…

But that doesn’t mean your blog has to be boring.
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Mix in:

Bring your blog to life with posts that make the blog as a whole fun.

When do this what you’ll find is people will enjoy the blog as a whole and will subsequently be more apt to read your boring posts because reading your blog as a whole has become a routine.

So you’re creating an engaging content mix… Not every post, but enough that readers are willing consume the boring stuff to get at the fun, interesting and engaging content.

Still need help?  Check out the Scribe Content Library (free).

The Rub

It all goes back to the concept of Just Be Awesome.  Engaging content, at least an engaging blog, can be created out of a boring topic…

I do it everyday with insurance and if I can make insurance fun than trust me you can make whatever it is you do fun.

Step outside what you think a corporate blog should be and just make it fun.  Show readers who you are and what your business is all about…

You do that… You breathe that life into your blog and boring topic or not readers will visit and enjoy!

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley