Tinkering and the Death of Content Creation

death of content creation

I do DIY web design (do-it-yourself for all you non-Internet lingo peeps)

death of content creation“Doing” web design yourself when you’re not qualified to design a website, in most cases is not a good idea and always costs you more in time than it would have in money to pay a real designer.

So you have to love it…  at least if you want your site to look good you have to love it.

Because if you don’t love it and you don’t know what you’re doing…

…designing your website is going to take a long time, you’re going to get very frustrated and you’re never going to be satisfied.

So you’re going to tinker.

Little changes…

Big changes…

SEO changes…

Plugin changes…

You’re going to read every

Then you’re going to implement every

…and you’re going to tinker.

What’s wrong with Tinkering?

Nothing really… there’s nothing “wrong” with tinkering.  Platforms such as Elegant Themes and Genesis from Studiopress and their stable of child themes (I use eleven40 on this site) make designing your own blog/website drag-and-drop easy.

Add a couple plugins, change a few pieces of CSS and you’ve got your very own original-ish looking blog.

If you’re up to the challenge of DIY web design more power to you…

…there’s definitely a sense of accomplishment when you’ve finished.

But is accomplishment our goal?

When you logged into your website today to tinker with a few of the settings was Accomplishment what you were after?

Did you say, “I’m going to tinker with my website for an hour or two in hopes of feeling some accomplishment today?!”


You didn’t…

You logged into your website and tinkered around for a couple hours because you thought that somehow in the magical land of the Internet the changes you made would get more people to:

…dare I say, buy something from you?!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, other than the bare essentials of respectable blog design, none of the little tinkering does CRAP for your success Online.



What gives me the right to say this?

You are looking at the 7th iteration of www.RyanHanley.com since 2009.

That is a ludicrous amount of tinkering.

Tinkering Killed My Content Creation

So if all our little tinkering has ZERO affect on the success we achieve marketing our business Online…

…what should we be doing?

Content Creation!

You had to see that coming.  Content… Content… Content… Content creation (in most business cases) is paramount to success Online.

Think of all the amazing content I HAVEN’T been able to create yet because of the tinkering I’ve done on this blog.

I mean seriously… seven iterations… I just got a little sick thinking about it.

Disclaimer: Any level of expertise I may possess in the world of digital, social and Internet marketing is in large part a result of my tinkering… So it wasn’t a complete waste of time.  This little rant I’m on is more of a “Don’t make the same mistakes I did” rather than a “I’m so upset with myself I’m going to run head first into a wall.” 

But like a true American with Irish heritage from the Winterlands of Upstate New York…

Do I learn?


So today, after two weeks of grinding, I soft-launched the 3rd version (since February 2011) of The Murray Group’s website (my NY insurance agency).

ny insurance agency

Tinkering takes away from what’s important… Creating content.

If you’re interested in learning about why I designed the site the way I did, especially if you work in the insurance industry Click Here.  I’ve switched from Genesis to Thesis for The Murray Group website.

There are definitely reasons that I decided to make the changes that I did to the Murray Group website.  Most of those reasons have to do with SEO and conversions.

Even though SEO is a keystone in generating new web traffic, if the content isn’t there to search engine optimize, I can meta-tag till I’m blue in the face, no one is going to convert into a new lead.

…and that’s why we’re on the Internet in the first place as businesses, right?

To generate new leads?

New business?

To make money?!

The Rub

So here’s the little nugget of wisdom I’d like you take away from this post…

It took me over 20 hours to build the new Murray Group website… and I love it.  It’s the Tips no doubt.

The time I spent redesigning the Murray Group website is time I lost creating valuable content.  Good idea? Bad idea? We’ll see in time, but shit, I can generate a lot of revenue with 20 hours of content creation.

But I probably could have paid someone $1,000 – $1,500 to design the website the way I did, spent those 20 hours creating content that drive traffic to our website that would generate much more than $1,500.

I write content for this blog every week because I want you be successful.

So please heed my advice…

Tinkering will be the death of your content creation. 

Thank you and Good Luck,

I am Ryan Hanley

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