Creating Authentic Speaking Performances with Michael Port – CWP158


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This is one of those episodes of Content Warfare where I have to work hard not to go all “Fan Boy” on the guest.

That’s because we’re joined by Michael Port, bestselling author of Book Yourself Solid and new Steal the Show.

If you’re a speaker, Steal the Show is an absolute must read.

If you communicate with other human beings in some capacity, Steal the Show is an absolute must read.

I read a lot of books on speaking, (Another one of my favorites is Do You Talk Funny? by David Nihill. Listen to my interview with David here). With no respect to David Nihill or any of the other great communication teachers and coaches out there, Michael Port’s Steal the Show is the best.

No contest.

I not only bought the book, (after Michael was kind enough to send me a galley copy), I also bought the audiobook so I could listen to again.

That’s how good this book is.

Needless to say, I was excited to talk Michael about the advice he shares in Steal the Show. In particular, I wanted to discuss the concept of authenticity and why it doesn’t mean what most amateur speakers believe it does.

Michael believes, before all else, we must prepare for our presentations. Preparedness doesn’t mean spend a couple of extra minutes on our slides.

Giving your presentation for the first time in front of an audience is NOT being authentic, it’s being unprepared. We must practice everything from movements to voice inflection, to facial gestures.

There is so much work that goes into giving an authentic speaking performance, but you’re going to have to listen to find out…

Here is one of my favorite quotes from Steal the Show:

Ambivalence is never interesting, cool or compelling.

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There is nothing sexy about not being prepared. To become better speakers and better communicators in general, we must prepare.

If we don’t, we’re leaving success to chance, something I am unwilling to do.

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I am Ryan Hanley

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