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In episode #21 of the Content Warfare Podcast, we dive deep into Long-form Content Marketing and what this particular style of Internet marketing kung-fu can do for your business.  This is a solo episode… just you, me and my dog Isabella rapping on what it takes to attract more attention per visit, listen and view from your audience.

We haven’t had a chance to chat one-on-one in a while and after the string of amazing guests we’ve had recently I felt it was time to downshift before the next wave of amazing guests drops by.

Long-form Content Marketing

Long-form content marketing goes hand-in-hand with rich media content marketing… We’re trying to take our audience deeper and deliver more value per visit.  The converse of this is the “Short content” theory which is based on the belief that our online audience has too short an attention span to enjoy longer pieces of content.

I do believe that if you are strictly looking for counting stats (i.e. visits to your site) than a short content strategy has merit…

…and everyone must find their own style, but for me, I want to attract an audience that is deeply invested in the content I create.

It my belief the best way to do this is through Long-form content marketing.

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Here’s to winning the battle for attention Online!

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