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It’s official… I have a podcast.

Most difficult part of creating a Podcast… Naming the damn thing.

After a lengthy and rather annoying internal discussion with myself … I decided to do a little crowdsourcing to see what my social connections thought of the various names I was considering.

Seriously… for about a week the only thing holding me back from creating this Podcast was the stupid name.  How silly is that?

Very silly… 

I want to give a special shout out to all my Google+ and Facebook peeps that gave me help and feedback in naming this thing.  I’d like to list you all by name but there were over thirty people that commented and that’s too many for this blog post.

Know I appreciate everyone one of you!

Soooo… With much pride and excitement I’m happy to present you with:

The Content Warfare Podcast

An Epic Guide to Marketing, Social Media and Getting Found Online.

…brought to you most humbly by Ryan Hanley (that’s me).

What’s Inside

  • Welcome (love to know what you think of the intro music…)
    • Who is Ryan Hanley (very brief… who cares right…)
    • What is Content Warfare
    • What does it mean to be a Content Warrior
    • Little Housekeeping (also brief)
    • Quick Shoutout to my man Marcus Sheridan (The Sales Lion) for his support and encouragement getting this thing off the ground
  • The Most Important Principle to remember when listening to the Content Warfare Podcast
  • A Brand New Form of SEO that Radically Increases Search Traffic
    • This is a deeper dive into a post I recently published of the same name
    • More thoughts on Just Be Awesome SEO
  • Wrap-Up and We’re Out

How To Listen

content warfare podcast itunesYou can listen on iTunes

If you want to listen to the MP3 version, all you have to do is right click the link below and you’ll be able to download and listen to it immediately.

And you can always listen to the Content Warfare Podcast right out of your web browser by clicking play.

The Rub

I really want you feedback.  This is my first pass at Podcasting and I find it hard to judge my own work in this media form.

You can leave me a comment above or hit me up on email directly with your thoughts, opinions, things you liked, things you’d like to see me do better…

Also content ideas, questions you’d like me to answer… All that great stuff.

Thank you…

I am Ryan Hanley and this is Content Warfare.

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