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In episode #9 of the Content Warfare Podcast we discuss the thought process behind the new web design I released on this blog over the weekend and then tackle two new subscriber questions:

  • How do I generate more social media traffic and sales?
  • When should I begin to monetize my blog?

These are both excellent questions and when I received similar variations of each question multiple times over the course of the last month.  This how I know these topics were pressing on peoples’ minds.

So I dedicated the 9th episode of the Content Warfare Podcast to addressing audience member concerns.

Web Design, Social Media Traffic and When to Monetize Your Blog

Specifically there are three main points that are discussed in this episode:

  • Focus on what’s important to your web visitors
  • Consistency in social media yields the greatest results
  • It’s never too early to monetize your blog (especially in professional services)

Understanding what you want out of your blog is crucial to taking your success online to the next level… The level at which you begin to capture new leads and generate revenue on a consistent basis.

Items Discussed in Episode #9

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