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In episode #6 of the Content Warfare Podcast we tackle two subscriber questions:

  • How do I achieve consistent blog traffic?
  • How do I get more reader to share my blog posts in social media?

These are both excellent questions and when I received similar variations of each question multiple times last week I knew these topics were pressing on peoples’ minds.

So I dedicated the 6th episode of the Content Warfare Podcast to addressing these concerns.

How to Attract Consistent Blog Traffic that Shares Your Content

In total I talk about six specific points that will every blog attract consistent blog traffic that hits the social share buttons…

…right now I’ll give two of those points as a teaser:

  1. Search versus social media traffic
  2. Asking visitors to take action

Consistency plays a huge role in taking your blog to the next level… The level at which you begin to capture new leads and generate revenue.

Items Discussed in Episode #6

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  • vilaku

    Listened to your podcasts. Good tips on blogging. Hope to get some ideas implemented.

  • Brian


    I have no idea why it took 20 days for me to catch this but thank you for answering my question in the cast. You did exactly what I was looking for; you gave me actual advice on what I can physically do to increase the consistency of my blog traffic. I appreciate you taking the time to look through my site and provide your thoughts. I will be working towards that “Blogger’s 3 way” you mentioned. Thank you again, I can already feel my awesomeness growing!

    • Ryan Hanley


      You’ve already got the awesomeness now it’s time to harness it.

      I wish you best and if you ever have a question you know where to find me!



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  • Jason Mathes

    Ryan, wish you had a directly listen bar on your site here. I don’t use iTunes so can’t listen to it :-(

    I’m starting to get the traffic. The hard part for me is to get people to actually engage with the articles. I dunno – maybe I’m just too boring, write too long an article, or the people are finding the article but it isn’t answering the problem they were originally looking for.

    Besides begging for the folks to comment – what is a good way to get them engaged?

    • Ryan Hanley


      At the very top of the post right underneath the title is a Direct Listen option. You can also listen through Stitcher if you don’t have iTunes…

      I wouldn’t beg for comments… Just ask very direct questions. People will answer them.


      • Jason Mathes

        Doh! I see it now! LOL and begging is never a good option. I’ll have to think of improving my copy and CTA.


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  • Techboy Rocky

    Getting consistent traffic can really be made possible by using your awesome tips.. When more and more people share our content we have to work less in getting the visitors for the new content at our blog…

  • Jason Mulholland

    Enjoyed this one. You mentioned asking your audience to share. Michael Stelzner gave this tip in his podcast when he interviewed Marcus Sheridan. To actually embed the sharing within the content so people can share with one click. Not just at the end. It’s something I’ve noticed you do well, but didn’t mention this in your podcast. Not sure if there’s a tool to do this, so I’ll have to go back and listen again – but it’s at the start of the podcast.

    • Ryan Hanley


      Thanks for the feedback dude… Do you mean the Click to Tweet links?

      • Jason Mulholland

        Yes, but from the Stelzner tip I thought there were more, but I haven’t listened to that podcast again to catch that tip. You do a fantastic job of the click to tweet embedded links.

        • Ryan Hanley

          Thanks Dude!

          All the best…

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  • lisa

    Great podcast, thanks – I never bothered listening to one before, a short attention span usually stops me from watching video’s so I had podcasts in the same bracket, but hey I can leave this running and carry on with other stuff without having to concentrate too much! I’m a convert :)

    • Ryan Hanley


      I’m so glad you enjoyed the Podcast… I actually just taped a new Podcast last night with a special guest. I hope you’ll come back soon and check it out!!

      Ryan H.

  • erda

    The thing I struggle most with is time, but that’s only in the last year and a half in my 10+ years of blogging. I was born with a pen in my hand. =)
    Although I can attest to the importance of writing all the time and being very, very consistent with it. My blog had doubled its viewers every month for the first four months it was up. Then my daughter started teething and toddling, and my time went to zero. And so did my reader count.

    • Ryan Hanley


      Have you ever thought of adding video as a way to create content in less time? That might be a good way to keep producing the content you want without taking up the time you don’t have…


  • Ana Hoffman

    Don’t have the time to listen to the podcast right now, Ryan, but curious to see what you thought of OptinSkin.

    I tried it and it was a bit too limiting for my taste, especially the fact that I couldn’t track anything through Aweber directly.

    • Ryan Hanley


      That is the one drawback, inside of Aweber you cannot differentiate between the various forms you use. However inside the plugin you can track each forms performance. It’s not as easy as using Aweber directly but I like how easy it is to design each plugin.

      I like the fade-in feature… And I like how easy it is to add images…

      Basically, other than the tracking I love OptinSkin.


      Ryan H.

  • Brent Kelly

    Glad to hear your nightlife is about exciting as mine. Great podcast.

    • Ryan Hanley

      Haha… this falls in the category “Things the 23 year-old version of me would never have imagined…”

  • Anton Koekemoer

    Hi Ryan,

    I enjoyed the podcast quite a lot, as These past couple of day’s I just don’t have the time I use to to read through as many blogs as I used to. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ryan Hanley

      My pleasure dude… I’m glad you enjoyed it!