Landing Pages, Conversions and Selling More Online with Peter Sandeen | #5 Content Warfare Podcast

content warfare podcast

Episode #5 of the Content Warfare Podcast is a journey to the world of Landing Pages with conversions specialist Peter Sandeen.  Peter helps you convert more visitors into subscribers and subscribers into customers…

…which is pretty much what we’re all trying to do.

Conversions are Important

You probably read that headline and said “Duh… Ryan… Duh!

Well if we all know that conversions are so important then why do we all stink so bad at converting web visitors into subscribers and customers?

Probably because converting traffic into customers isn’t as easy typing Click Here with a link.  

If it were we’d all be millionaires and I’d be typing this from my Yacht parked off the coast of some obscure Caribbean island.

Luckily, there are people like Peter Sandeen who are willing to help teach us how to convert more traffic to subscribers and eventually customers… So that Yacht thing still may be a possibility.

To get that Yacht I encourage you to sign up for Peter’s free Online Conversion Course.

What You’ll Learn in Episode 5

When it comes to Landing Pages there is only one tool I can recommend and that is Premise 2.1.  Right now you can get Premise 2.1 on-sale and get access to the free How to Profit from the Digital Revolution Seminar Series (this is an affiliate link).

I hope you won’t discount the utility of Premise 2.1 just because I’m using an affiliate link.  I don’t care if  you go to the site directly and purchase.  For non-programmers there is simply NOT an easier and useful tool for building high-quality landing pages.