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In episode #22, of the Content Warfare Podcast, we’re visited by Ms. Ileane Smith of Basic Blogging Tips to chat about how a simple mistake led to a thriving multi-author blog.  Ileane didn’t always dream of becoming a blogger, it actually happened by mistake, but her desire to learn and proclivity to networking helped her build one of the most recognized site on the Internet for basic blogging tips, tactics and strategies.

During her visit Ms. Ileane shares many of her most productive strategies for building Basic Blog Tips including her thoughts on Slideshare one of my favorite forms of rich media content marketing. We also learn what it’s like to manage a blog with multiple authors and some best practices for attracting quality authors.

To honest this episode is so packed with resources and best practices on blogging it would be silly to try and list them all.  Just listen and enjoy.

Connect with Ms. Ileane Smith on Twitter here: @BasicBlogTips

Resources discussed during this episode on basic blogging tips:

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  • Ileane

    Ryan, I had a blast chatting with you and I hope you did too.

    It’s awesome to see how far both of us has come in the last few years and I hope that we are both going to be around for a long time networking and connecting with people on the web. I hope this is just the first of many times we sit down for chat about creating content and all the fun we have sharing it with one another.

    Thanks so much for inviting me on your show!

    • Ryan Hanley


      Absolutely my pleasure and I’m already planning on having you back soon…

      Appreciate everything you do!

      Ryan H.

  • Mike


    Don’t forget the sites she mentioned:

    Hope that was okay to put in these links.


    • Ryan Hanley


      Thanks for sharing those two links. Can’t believe I forgot them.

      Appreciate the help my friend.


      • Mike

        You bet! I got your back 😉

  • Herby Fabius

    Wow, Ileane started blogging by mistake, I just love that. That’s why I love podcast you learn something new everyday. Cool show Ryan.