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11 Essential Concepts to Success Online | #2 Content Warfare Podcast

content warfare podcast

Success Online means something different to each of us.

We all have unique goals we wish to achieve and unique forces driving us to achieve them.

So when I write the title, 11 Essential Concepts to Success Online, a different image of success forms in each of our heads.

However, no matter what unique goals we wish to achieve there are common conceptual threads that run through the path to their achievement…

That means if you understand apply these 11 concepts there is a good chance you find the success you seek.

Here are the 11 concepts to success online discussed in episode 2:

  1. Commitment to Content Marketing
  2. Launch
  3. Dedication to Quality
  4. Transparency
  5. Spread the Message
  6. Capture Subscribers
  7. Take a Stand
  8. Responsive to Communications
  9. No Such Thing as Set It and Forget It
  10. Focus
  11. Ask for the Business

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Content Warfare Podcast Show Notes

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I help make sales easy through content marketing. My work as a marketing strategist, keynote speaker, and Amazon bestseller author will help your business establish authority, attract an audience and grow revenue. Hire me to speak at your next event or grab a copy of my new book, Content Warfare.

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  • http://lesdossey.com Les Dossey


    That music reminded me of the http://www.pbs.org/woodwrightsshop/ and brought back plenty of fond memories.
    Keep em coming and thanks for sharing your knowledge and passion with us.

    Only the Best,
    The Man’s Man Coach

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Thanks Les!

      I wanted Funky Banjo… Something with a fresh beat. I was hoping that people would connect with it.

      Appreciate you stopping by!

      Ryan H.

  • http://www.stevebaines.biz Steve Baines

    Nice work Ryan. I’ve been going back and forth on podcasting. After this, I think I may just have to come join you :)

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Dude… You definitely should… You’re videos are great.

  • http://www.blogpreneurs.com Devesh

    Nice Podcast, Ryan. Love the way you branded and talked about several things in the podcast.

    Fantastic work man.

  • http://blognetworking101.com Jeevan Jacob John

    You talked about several things in this podcast, Ryan 😉 I like it.

    First: I found flow in the podcast in general, but not between the “points” – like from point 1 from point 2 (that’s just my opinion).

    I basically agree with all your points, but I do have points on content: Is content really King? I think it is more of a democracy. I attribute more importance to the way content is presented (Design, layout, structure, format, medium etc). Of course, things change, depending upon our goals. My goal is to build more relationships, gain experience and get more traffic.

    I also have a suggestion with length of the podcast – Have you considered breaking it up into parts? I don’t have a problem with the length, but many others might 😉

    Another thing I noticed is the difference in speeds – at certain points of the podcast, you were really fast (Am I being the bad critic here? I know how hard it is and how hard it can be – because I myself struggled and were way worse than you :D).

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      These are all great points.

      I agree that my transitions need to be better between different sections of the Podcast (We can’t just throw a

      in there to break it up)

      I do believe that Content is King and as I stated in the Podcast (but should have highlighted more on design as well) Quality is Queen and I think quality speaks to design and all the other items you mentioned…

      I like the podcast format because it allows me to dive a little deeper on Topics… If someone doesn’t like the length than maybe my Podcast isn’t for them. Not trying to be a jerk I just created the format for a reason and I think breaking up the sections would take a way from that.

      Also I agree that at different times I am talking with a different pace… I think that will just come with time… I get passionate about certain topics and the pace of my talking picks up…

      Thanks for all your great feedback!!

      Ryan H.

      • Jeevan Jacob John

        :) Isn’t blogging a democracy? Is it really a monarchy? Yes, content does matter, but doesn’t relationships and marketing have the same importance?

        Yeah, I can understand that, Ryan :) I like the length of the podcast, just shows how much value and time you have put into it.

        It will all get better with time.

        No problem, Ryan!

        • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

          If you don’t like the Monarchy analogy then in a Democracy Content would be the President…

          Thanks for all the feedback dude!!

          Ryan H.

      • http://ryzeonline.com Jason “J-Ryze” Fonceca

        Dunno if you guys remember Derek Halpern’s controversial post: http://socialtriggers.com/content-is-king-myth/

        Anyway, great podcast, Ryan, you sound great man. I love your vision, and I love how you bridge things for … a ‘stale industry’, insurance 😛

        I like how the 11 points focus on timeless guiding principles that if you follow… sort of “take care of the details” by themselves 😀

        • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

          Thanks Brother… That’s what i was hoping to give people… Timeless advice.

          Very much appreciate the feedback…

          Looking forward to hearing your voice on the podcast soon.

          Ryan H.

  • http://www.rightmixmarketing.com Tom Treanor


    Cue the banjos! Nice job on the podcast. I’m really liking the format, the branding and the content – I have to go back and listen to episode #1 too.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Thanks Tom…

      To be completely honest I think I like Podcasting more than Blogging and I LOVE blogging… It’s crazy I just feel such a personal connection with material and people listening.

      It’s been an amazing experience so far.

      Appreciate the feedback!

      Ryan H.

      • http://acquiringman.com Jason Anthony

        Like Tom, I am diggin’ the banjo’s, braja! Great format, great content and advice, keep up the great work.

  • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

    Thank you!

    I’m glad you found it interesting… I’m hoping my passion for the topic resonates.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Ryan H

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