Making an Impact with Larger Bodies of Work with Srinivas Rao | #17 Content Warfare Podcast

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Content Warfare PodcastIn episode #17 we’re joined by Srinivas Rao of The Skool of Life and BlogcastFM to talk about his experience creating larger bodies of work and the impact these projects have had on his success.

Specifically I wanted to talk to Srini about his newest project the Small Army Strategy {purchase your copy}, a manifesto on turning fans and followers into fanatics and friends for life.  I had a chance to read a draft version of the Small Army Strategy and was floored by how much value was contained in just forty pages of text.  But what really interested me as a content marketer was Srini put a price tag on it of only 99 cents.

I wanted to better understand his thought process on creating “Larger bodies of work” that aren’t meant to generate serious income.

Why take the time to write something if not for income?

Srini’s answer… One word, “Impact.”

I encourage you to connect with Srini on Twitter at @BlogcastFM.

In this episode you’re learn:

  • How larger bodies of work can create the impact necessary to attrat attention
  • How direct personal communication helps to establish deeper relationships
  • How Srini went about creating The Small Army Strategy

As well as lots of other great insight on creating impact online.

I’d also encourage you check Srini’s other published work:

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Here’s to winning the battle for attention Online!

Making an Impact with Larger Bodies of Work with Srinivas Rao | #17 Content Warfare Podcast by

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  • Srini said something I really liked and is very important for content marketers. I’m not going to repeat it verbatum but he said “write in YOUR voice”. That is show energy if you are a high energy person. Think Derek Halpern . I have not been consistent throughout the years with mine, as I am a NO BS kind of guy, but you have to be careful not to alienate your readers if they are sensitive to that upfront, no bs approach.

    I would like to be a bit balsier in my writing, and may experiment in the very near future.

    Another entertaining podcast Ryan! Keep’em coming!

    A taste of Mike’s work: Dentists: Implement Content Marketing To Grow Your Practice

    • Thank Mike.

      A far as adding a more aggressive voice to your writing, I’d advice breaking it in slow. First just in smalls thoughts throughout a post then maybe create an entire post with an aggressive tone. I definitely think that changing your tone all in one shot can alienate people that are used to the old way.

      If you change all in one shot they may think ever new post is going to use that tone and leave.

      Just an idea.

      As always Thank You!