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In episode #16 of the Content Warfare Podcast we’re joined by Stanford Smith, the content marketing and online business coach as well as all around awesome guy behind Pushing Social.  Pushing Social is an online resource for busy people looking to make blogging easy.

Stan’s background is in direct response marketing, a tough business for sure, but the experience of creating messages that speak to individuals immediately has paid enormous dividends.

“Blogs are not a great place to sell stuff.” ~ Stan Smith

Connect with Stan on Twitter here @PushingSocial

In this episode you’re learn:

  • How to work smarter instead of harder through email list segmentation
  • How to take your online business from part-time to full-time
  • What it was like to co-author your first published book

As well as lots of other great insight on building a thriving blog.

If you’re looking for a great read from two masters of successful blogging pre-order you copy of:

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Here’s to winning the battle for attention Online!

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  • Jeff Machado

    Thank you Ryan and Stan for this – it was a great listen while I was at the gym last night. I dig the idea of calling them lead magnets and the different segmentation based off the type of blog post – all solid inbound marketing advice.

    • Ryan Hanley


      My “Art of Professional Content Marketing” series is all in an effort to put together a quality product that can be packaged up and given away as a lead magnet and really Intro letter to new visitors. It’s a great concept.