Becoming a Facebook Master Guru in Only 17 Months with Jon Loomer | #15 Content Warfare Podcast

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In episode #15 of the Content Warfare Podcast we’re joined by Jon Loomer {Visit his blog}, who in only 17 months went from laid off to Facebook Master Guru to being named one of the Top 10 Social Media blogs on the Internet by Social Media Examiner.

{Not to toot my own horn but I scheduled this interview before he became a recognized social media celebrity}

Discussed in this Episode

I was very excited to talk with Jon for two reasons:

What We Learn from Jon

First we learn about Jon’s experience in Fantasy Baseball and the NBA and how those opportunities helped him achieve the success he’s living today.  These experiences provided the baseline of expertise that Jon leveraged to create his social media consulting.

Second we get into some deep, technical Facebook advertising techniques such as promoted posts and Facebook ad conversion tracking. Two tools, if used correctly, that will greatly increase our effectiveness marketing on Facebook.

You can connect with Jon Loomer on Facebook here.


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