Why Style Matters More than Substance with Mars Dorian | #13 Content Warfare Podcast

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content warfare podcastIn episode #13 of the Content Warfare Podcast I am joined by Mars Dorian a guy that absolutely drips creation…

Mars’ expertise lies in helping businesses tap into their brand and stand out against their competition…

…and if you’d seen Mars Dorian’s work you know it immediately.  His unique style of mixing professionalism with an edge and undeniable humor make is work stand out and get noticed.

During the episode there four major questions I wanted to guide our discussion:

  • Everyone talks about being awesome, creating epic content and working with passion.  Is passionate, epic, awesome content necessary and how do you tap into if so?
  • What made you decide to live a creative life?
  • What is your process for creation and what advice do you have for people struggling to create?
  • What is the importance of visual art and how do you mix visual and text art in your work?

Those are just the guiding themes…  There is so much more awesomeness in this podcast.

Where you NEED to connect with Mars Dorian:

Check both resources out… You won’t be disappointed.

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Why Style Matters More than Substance with Mars Dorian | #13 Content Warfare Podcast by

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    • Ana,

      Thanks for listening! What I like about Mars so much is that he has his opinions and that is what he believes. Though I don’t think he’s purposefully provocative, he’s an extremely creative guy and isn’t afraid of his opinion.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

      Ryan H.