Content Marketing and Becoming the Champion of Your Vertical with Tom Treanor | #10 Content Warfare Podcast

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In episode #10 of the Content Warfare Podcast we’re visited by Tom Treanor of Right Mix Marketing.  Tom is a master of content marketing and so it was no surprise to me that he delivered some amazing ideas and strategies on how to take your content marketing game to the next level.

Specifically we address:

Tom also gets into How to become the Champion of your Vertical, which we just stumbled upon over the course of the conversation.  When Tom says champion what means is creating such valuable content that your competitors begin to reference and link to your website.

A thought out content marketing strategy executed properly creates a sphere of influence around your business.  Consumers, competitors and the media begin to believe that you and your business are the foremost expert in your industry vertical because you’re willing to hit publish.

This scenario has played out many times with many different businesses… But you have to have a plan and you have to hit publish.

Tom Treanor gives you a great start here in episode #10 of Content Warfare Podcast.  Listen and enjoy!

Items Discussed in Episode #10

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