Content Marketing: Creating Content to Grow Your Business

content marketingLooking to grow your business online?
Content marketing is the solution.
Everyone... and I mean everyone knows that content marketing is the solution to growing your business online.
The problem is content marketing takes work... and most people don't want to do work.
They want easy.
So if you're looking for "Easy" content marketing strategies than this is NOT the proper resource for you.
...but if you're looking simple, straight-forward and completely effective content marketing strategies than you've come to the right place my friend.

Content Marketing Strategy

Sick of reading content marketing articles filled buzzwords and bullshit?
I certainly am.
That's why I wrote the Content Marketer's Guide to Blogging (Free eBook) and give it away for free. I couldn't read another "Expert's" advice and find myself more confused than when I started...
...and I have a pretty good feel for this stuff. So I can only imagine what is happening to marketers and business owners who are just beginning.
Here's the deal:
"A quality content marketing strategy consistently attracts qualified new leads to our website using education, entertainment and/or inspiration."
Teach them how to do something.
Tell them a story.
Be awesome.
That's it. Doesn't matter if it's using video, audio, images or text. Doesn't matter how good a writer you are. Doesn't matter what you look like. Doesn't matter who you know. Doesn't matter how much experience you have.
You must give yourself permission to start...
...then put in the work and dare to be first. Content marketing forces us to become a leader in our business, in our industry and in our community.
It's so simple, but it's NOT easy.
Here are two resources I think will help in addition to the articles you'll find below:
- The Basic Principles of Content Marketing and SEO to Generate Inbound Leads - Slideshare
- Content Warfare and the Battle for Attention -
The articles below are my brain dump on successful content marketing... enjoy.

The Ron Swanson Guide to Content Marketing

Ron Swanson One

“You had me at Meat Tornado.” The top brands in content marketing follow a core set of principles. We've discussed the core content marketing principles many times on this blog. They're timeless. Helping you better understand these principles is primary goal of my work. Helping you better understand content marketing is why I wrote the Content Warfare book. The Wisdom of Ron Swanson Its easy to get lost in the battle for attention online. We all want to grow our business. Sometimes in doing so, we get deep in the weeds on tools and tactics. We start to take content marketing a little too serious. At time I definitely ...

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Being Ignored Online

being ignored online

Worried about being ignored online? Does the fear of being ignored keep you from the creating the content Connected Generation consumer need in order to choose your business over the competition? It's a legitimate fear. The Internet is vast and growing every day. And with each bit of spaced added someone rushes to fill it with new content. We don't effort to write EPIC content. Forget about EPIC. We work hard to deliver the "Value First" message which attracts our target audience. But if that audience never sees our message, or worse, sees our message and dismisses it, then we've just wasted time that could have been ...

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3 Content Marketing Trends to Rule Them All in 2015

content marketing trends

The following three content marketing trends will set the pace for successful content publishers in 2015. Before we get there two quick items: I'm fully aware that by standard practice a "2015 Trends" post at the end of January is late. Read this article I published yesterday on "Getting Stuck" and you'll understand why its late. Obviously I have no clue what will actually happen in 2015. Tomorrow Facebook could change their algorithm or Google could decide to go into book publishing business and entire business ecosystems could be flipped on their head. Writing a content marketing trends post is as much for my benefit ...

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Engagement vs Volume: Questioning Facebook and Twitter Traffic

Engagement vs Volume- Questioning

Engagement vs Volume Are you trading away quality engagement, in exchange for shear volume of website traffic? According to study done by Shareaholic, if your primary source of social media referral traffic is Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest than that might be exactly what you're doing. What Shareaholic found, in their first "Social Referrals That Matter" report, is that website traffic from YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn, social media platforms which traditionally produce lower referral traffic versus Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, is significantly more engaged. Engagement is defined in terms of more time spent on site, ...

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7 Ways to Fail at Content Marketing

7 Ways to Fail at Content Marketing

This isn't one of those feel good posts on content marketing. This is a post about failure... ...or rather the ways that we fail at content marketing. Why write a post on content marketing failure? Who wants to hear about failure, right? Failing at something sucks. Failure also is an incredible way to learn and grow at our craft. Especially when learning from someone else's failure. Because the truth is, failure is a very real, very possible, maybe even probable outcome for marketers and business owners who begin content marketing. Content marketing isn't easy and isn't a game. But done correctly, content marketing ...

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How to Create Compounding Brand Value Like a True Dividend Investor

compounding brand value

In trying to understand the why and how of content marketing, it can be useful to occasionally look through a different set of eyes. Today those eyes are that of a dividend investor. This article isn't going to debate the merits of dividend investing, investing in the stock market in general or the state of the US or global economy, but rather the prevailing concepts that attract investors to companies which pay a dividend and what we as content marketing professionals can learn from their beliefs. Why Are Investors Attracted to Dividends? Before we get too deep into today's discussion let's establish exactly what a dividend ...

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When the Work Begins


"The workout begins when you get tired." I've heard this five days a week, every week, for the last three months. These are the words of my p90x instructor. Its this mantra which separates p90x from every other workout program. The sequence of exercises is designed to exhaust your muscles before reaching the most advanced moves of the workout. You're tired before you attempt the most tiring exercises in that days program. My instructor has a knack for knowing the exact moment we want to quit. We're tired, sweaty and breathing hard. Without him, we'd all be back in the locker room already. It would be easy to ...

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The Rogers Innovation Curve and Emotion Driven Audience Building


Are you building the right audience? On the Rogers Innovation Curve, the first 2.5 percent of people a known as the "Innovators." These are the people who are completely in tune with what you're doing. They simply do not have any other choice than to buy. You, your business, and your product provide an outlet for their self-expression. The emotional connection produced by the Product Market Fit can't be captured in features or characteristics. The natural desire your Product Market Fit audience feels for your product comes from someplace deeper. They feel it in their guts. That feeling drives both their commitment to ...

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How to Build an Audience of True Believers

build audience true believers

NOTICE: This is an excerpt from my new book Content Warfare: How to find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention online. Order your copy today! As the web evolves, it's only natural for web use to become less mechanical. Marketing tactics such as search engine optimization, social media distribution, email capture and sales funnels will lose their current glitz and glamour, and take their place alongside all the other marketer's tools. Much like swinging a hammer is a mundane necessity for carpenters, likewise the tactics of marketing your business online will seem mundane as well. In many ways, ...

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Staring Down the Barrel of Writer’s Block and Dodging the Bullet

writers block

Have you ever sat down to write and your fingers wouldn't move? The ideas are there, waiting in your brain. Your notes are ready. You've got a great headline. Your office is even quiet for once. The setting couldn't be anymore perfect for you to craft a meaningful, thoughtful, valuable piece of content your audience will enjoy. Except nothing happens. Nothing. This isn't how it's supposed to work. The words are just supposed to come to us. I have the knowledge inside me, why isn't my internal librarian pulling the proper sources? Where are the words? Why aren't my fingers moving? Then we really start ...

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