Content Marketing, Google+ Communities and Becoming an Authority Online

google+ communities

Today is the day. As of today, as of this moment, this exact moment, you need to be using Google+ as part of your inbound marketing strategy.

You don’t like it…

You don’t understand it…

Your clients aren’t there…

You don’t have time for another social network…

…I don’t care.

google+ communities

If you place any value on the guidance I give through this blog please believe me that Google+ is a necessary and vital piece of your content marketing strategy.

Unlike Facebook which was built for relationship building… Google+ was built for content creation.  The format of posts, the ability to share posts within Google+, the comment structure and the quality media display capabilities make Google+ a powerful content marketing tool.

The reason that most people don’t like Google+ at first glance is that it’s NOT built for easy relationship building.

That’s not to say that you don’t build relationships on Google+.

Google+ Communities

Google+ Communities are quickly becoming conversation hubs for people of all industries to exchange ideas, best practices, ask questions and share media.

I formed the Insurance Inbound Marketing community with a few other insurance professional professionals I respect.  We now have a group of 47 insurance professionals that mastermind on marketing concepts all week long…

We share articles, we discussion best practices and in general support each others work and ideas in effort to help everyone grow.

Google+ is working towards becoming a community based social network without the boundaries of geographical constraints.

I know… I know…

This has been done before. (see Facebook group pages)

The difference is the user interface. It’s easy. It makes sense. It encourages conversation and relationship building.

Here’s a live example of our Insurance Inbound Marketing community and a few more of my thoughts on Google+ Communities:

Google and Becoming an Authority Online

Purists will say that all you need to worry about in regards to becoming an authority online is creating awesome content

…and though I wouldn’t disagree with that argument I do think it’s prudent to feed the monster that determines who’s content actually gets seen… Google.

Just because you used the Google Keyword Tool to fish out high traffic keywords doesn’t mean your content can’t still be awesome.

You don’t have to wait for an epiphany…

You don’t have to wait for inspiration…

You don’t have to wait for your muse to brush your shoulder…

Create great, epic, awesome content…

Yes.  Absolutely. A must.  Eventually you create great, epic, awesome content long enough and you will most likely become an authority.

Create great, epic, awesome content and play Google’s game…

You will WITHOUT A DOUBT become an authority.

That means spending time on Google+, joining and engaging in Google+ communities, adding the Google Authortag to your blog and website, and encouraging your blog readers to share your content within Google+.

{You can learn how to share content correctly in Google+ here.}

Becoming an authority online isn’t easy, but it is important.

When you become an authority in your industry online people seek you out…

…they link your articles

…they interview you

…they ask you to come speak at their event

…they try to duplicate your every action

…they always want to know what you think.

Becoming an authority online gives you security.

It’s not about ego.

It’s not about selling books.

It’s not about winning awards.

Becoming an authority online is about securing the future of your brand and your business.

That’s why we using content marketing and that’s why we play Google’s game and use Google’s products…

…to become an authority and secure the future of our business.

To do this, you must start using Google+.

Once using Google+, join some Google+ Communities.

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SPEAK YOUR MIND: How are you leveraging Google+? Do you disagree with my assessment of Google+ and it’s importance to authority online? 

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