Content Creation Curation – Social Media RoundUp – Week 23


The Content Creation Curation is a visual representation of the week that was in Social Media.

I use Pinterest as a repository for all the articles I find to be extremely valuable to the social media user seeking success Online.

This is the 23rd week of Content Creation Curation and this week features some of my favorite thought-leaders Online including:

If you missed them here are my content contributions from this week:

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You can click the image below or visit Week 23 Content Creation Curation to see what other fantastic content was produced this week on Social Media and Success Online!


Week 23 - Content Creation Curation

Content Creation Curation - Social Media RoundUp - Week 23 by

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  1. says


    Thank you for the mention, Really appreciate it!

    I think people should get used to seeing your name, because you are offering up some solid content and have a great story to back it all up with your co. And you have some serious momentum right about now. Onward and upward, Sir!

    I look forward to learning more and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

    Have a great weekend!
    A taste of Craig McBreen’s work: How to craft an irresistibly sticky brand

  2. says

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the mentions, they’re very much appreciated :)

    And I see you’ve started to change some things on your site. The Hello-bar is really good, the “tagline” is simple – yet effective, and the sidebar sign up box is much much better than before. Really, great job!

  3. says

    Google chrome apps “Scoop it” is also a good source for content curation. I learn it
    from one internet marketing coaching. You should try it to help your business.
    A taste of Becca’s work: Hello world!

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