A Brand New Form of SEO that Radically Increases Search Traffic

brand new form of seo

We all want more search traffic to our blogs and websites.

Search traffic tends to be first-time visitors actively looking for a solution to a problem.  And hopefully that solution is whatever it is we sell.

Whether you’re a small business with on Online presence or hardcore Internet marketer we all want more search traffic.

So how do we get more search traffic?

SEO… Search Engine Optimization that’s how.

But SEO can get very complex.  There are teams of people much smarter than you and me working at sites like Search Engine Journal and SEOMoz (both in my Google RSS Reader) cranking out new ways to better optimize a website for SEO.

Staying up with latest SEO tactics is literally a full-time job.

Radically Increase Search Traffic

See, I’m no different from you.  I’m just a blogger… Doing my best to attract eyeballs, build relationships and pay the bills (I’m also trying to revolutionize the way independent insurance agents leverage new technology and digital tools in order to win back market share from direct writers… But that’s a different post).

You can’t pay the bills without strong relationships and you can’t build strong relationships without eyeballs on your website… So I need search traffic too.

But who the hell has time to learn all this SEO stuff?

Even if I did have the time it’s wicked complex and constantly changing so I feel like once I did figure it out I’d have to relearn it all because Google decided it wanted to run out a new animal name in front of the word Update…

It’s hard enough creating great content for this blog how am I supposed to radically increase my search traffic if I don’t have the time to understand SEO and I’m too cheap to pay someone to do if for me?

Actually… That’s kind of a rhetorical question because I have no idea what you would do… But what I did was create my own form of SEO… because I roll like that.

It’s called:

“Just Be Awesome SEO”

What is Just Be Awesome SEO all about?

Well it’s really very simple… All you need to do with this new form of SEO is BE AWESOME… Just be awesome and people will find you.

It was Corbett Barr of ThinkTraffic.net that said… “Write Epic Shit.”

And he was right.

Epic. Awesome. Amazing. Whatever you want to call it the concept is the same.  You can “Tip” and “Trick” all day long with SEO and sure you’ll see some success… maybe.

But you rock awesome for awhile and your search traffic go bonanza.

Why Does Just Be Awesome SEO Work?

just be awesome seo

Just Be Awesome SEO works because when you write awesome content people talk about you…

…they share your content with their friends and fans and connections and subscribers

…they write blog posts commenting on your awesome content

…they link back to your awesome content

…they quote your awesome content

…they add your awesome content to link directories with your key search terms attached

…they ask you to guest post some of your awesome content on their site.

When you harness the power of Just Be Awesome SEO all the little tricks of SEO just seem to happen.

Not magically though…  Magic only exists in movies.

When you’re content is awesome, SEO happens because the link-building and keyword stuffing and social sharing and all the Black Hat stuff you don’t tell anyone about…

All that stuff happens naturally over time as you build a dedicated and committed community of readers that think you’re The BOMB.

That is powerful SEO.

The Rub

I know you guys…

Some of you are like “Hell Yeah! Let’s go rock shit…” (I love you)

Some of you are like “Hanley… You’re such a hack with this nonsense…” (I love you too, but a little less than the people above… sorry I play favorites)

And some of you are like “I’m not awesome enough to practice Just Be Awesome SEO…” (I love you most of all because this stuff doesn’t come natural to you but working hard anyway and that says something about your character)

It’s the third group that I really want to pay attention to the next couple sentences I’m about to write.

It is a fact… A known thing that people know…


Believe that. When I write all the wacky shit I do on this blog it’s done with the understanding that someone, somewhere will find it to be awesome…

Your thoughts and ideas and the things you think are cool and the things you hate and all the other crap that is YOU… There is someone, most likely many someones, that think all that stuff is really awesome.

And they want to share your awesome content.

But you have to write it first.  You have to be your awesome self, talking about whatever it is that you talk about Online.

That’s when Just Be Awesome SEO really starts to work!

Let’s get more people practicing this brand new form of SEO that will radically increase search traffic…

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley and this is Content Warfare.

SPEAK YOUR MIND: How are you Awesome Online? What makes your content shareable? How do you practice Just Be Awesome SEO?