Understanding the Intimacy Differences of Blogging, Video, and Podcasting


This is a content marketing blog.

I talk about social media

I talk about SEO…

I talk about email marketing

I talk about being a success online

But at it’s core…

…this blog was built to discuss methods with which small business can harness the power of content marketing to drive growth in the years to come.

I say this because I feel social media, SEO and email marketing are all sub-headings underneath the more general concept of content marketing.  Each is a piece of the puzzle…

…building the foundation of your content marketing strategy.

We produce content in form of blogging (text based), images, video and podcasting (audio based) that tells our story as a small business then use social media, SEO and email marketing to distribute that content.

How do we choose the right content for the right marketing?

The answer to that question my friend is determined by intimacy.



– a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group.


Intimacy is attracts you to a piece of content beyond just it’s value of knowledge or usefulness.

podcastingIntimacy is why with certain content creators you feel like your sitting at their kitchen table chatting over a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning with everything they create.


…you feel special reading the blog or watching the video or listening to the podcast even though thousands of over people have the same access to that content that you do.

We often have feelings of intimacy towards our spouse, our children, our family, even close friends.

There’s a deeper connection in those relationships.

Intimacy is not false or fake or contrived…

…and the intimate relationship is not taken lightly.

Which means that creating intimacy in a relationship cannot be achieved through Tips or Tricks or Methods or Strategies (that notion even makes me a little sick to my stomach).

Intimacy is created through honesty, transparency, love and caring.

Intimacy describes an emotional bound of indescribable value…

The Intimacy Differences of Blogging, Video, and Podcasting

This post was inspired by a conversation on Marcus Sheridan’s blog titled Blogging vs. Podcasting: Which is Better for Building Brands, Followers, and Trust?

In it Marcus breaks down the difference between blogging and podcasting (obviously) to help his readers decide is podcasting is a good fit for their business.

I love podcasting.

I love it…

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What I love about podcasting… The Intimacy!

It’s the intimacy of podcasting that draws people in (at least that’s what draws me in).

Marcus’s blog is great… His Mad Marketing podcast is so much “Marcus.”

Jay Baer’s blog, Convince and Convert, is excellent… His Social Pros podcast is more “Jay.”

Same goes for Srinivas Rao and BlogcastFM

and Michael Stelzner in his new fabulous blog Social Media Marketing Podcast.

You think you know these content creators because you read their blogs and follow them on social media.

Content Warfare PodcastBut listening to each through a podcast is an entirely different experience.

It’s intimate.

They say “awww” and “ummm” and they hesitate and misspeak and their voice inflection changes when they get excited about a topic and if something is funny they laugh.

No LOLs…


They actually laugh and you can hear it.

When I listened to each of the above content creators podcasts for the very first time I felt like I was meeting each for the very first time…

…even though I read each of their blog a hundred times.

I think about the intimacy of podcasting this way.


A blog is like driving up to a friends amazing new home they’ve just built and have them show you around the outside.  Your friend take plenty of time to describe why they choose each particular detail of exterior.

There is level of intimacy developed because understand why your friend made certain decisions.  They let you into their world.


Video is like that same friend finishing the tour of their home’s exterior and now taking you inside to show you the new kitchen and living room.  Your friend is showing you their world exactly as they see it.

This is a deeper level of intimacy because of the deeper level of trust your friend is showing you.  There is more potential for scrutiny.


Then there is podcasting… Podcasting is when that same friend, who’s walked you around the exterior of the house and shown you their kitchen and living room says, “And now I want to you to see my favorite part of the house… the wine cellar, man cave, etc”

See with podcasting there is a larger barrier to entry to create, edit, produce and market the content.

You have to LOVE it…

The people who consistently podcast put their heart and soul into the material (I know I do) and the result is the most intimate experience a content creator can share.

The Rub

Some might argue that video is more intimate than podcasting because viewers can see the person talking…

I disagree.

I think the fact that viewers are watching while listening dilutes the intimacy of the content.

With a podcast it’s just you and microphone.

Now deliver value.

If you do consider podcasting as part of your content marketing strategy I wish you the best of luck. I have several resources who helped me that I would be happy to share.

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Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley

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SPEAK YOUR MIND: What do you think the most intimate form of content marketing is?  What are your feelings on podcasts?