Why Blogging is a Cold Callers Best Friend [Video]

cold calling the internet

On March 22nd I gave a presentation to the Independent Insurance Agents of Western New York titled:

Cold Calling the Internet – How to Leverage Traditional Sales Techniques Using Internet Tools

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The day before the presentation, as I was driving from Albany (my home) to Buffalo (the event location) I was going over the core concepts I felt were crucial to the value of the presentation and I hoped would yield success for this unique audience of insurance agents.

There was one concept that I kept coming back to… Something I just couldn’t get out of my head… The idea that a quality blog is a Cold Callers best friend.

Now I know the term “Cold Calling” and even the thought of cold calling sends shivers down many people’s spine.  But in this case, the insurance industry (My audience this day), is still a very traditional sales operation.  In most successful insurance agencies cold calling is a way of life or at least a piece of their marketing plan.

So the question I wanted to answer was how do I take the reality of cold calling (And traditional sales in general) and give these insurance agents an Online tool to help increase their sales?

You’re just going to have to watch the video below to find out…

Cold Calling… AAAHHHH!

cold calling the internetYou don’t like cold calling.  I get that.  It’s uncomfortable…

But don’t we all have to cold call at some point in our lives?

If you want something from someone you don’t have a relationship with you are cold calling that person.  Even if you’re not directly selling…  Even if you’ve been referred… Even if that person has expressed interest in your product…

You can call it a warm lead or whatever you want… It’s a cold call.

The first time you talk to a person about anything to do with business, that first interaction is a Cold Call.

There are ways to make it less uncomfortable… but the simple fact remains, it’s a cold call.

Blogging and Cold Calling

In our office there is an unscientific fact that it takes 100 calls to set 7 appointments.  Essentially you are dismissed by the caller 93 times.

My question has always been, how do you not allow those 93 “No’s” to be a waste of time?

You leverage Internet tools to amply your value message.

Watch the video and find out more…

(If you can’t see the video Click Here)

The Rub

Always remember that when you write a blog post you are cold calling the internet.  Every time you hit publish you are sending a cold call out into cyber-space.

In full disclosure, I hate cold calling.  One of the reasons I work so hard to make my Insurance Agency and this marketing blog as strong as I can is so cold calling doesn’t have to be a regular part of my life.

My hope is there will come a point when I only have to strategically cold call someone when I really need to… Otherwise I’ll have hundreds of blog posts cold calling for me all day, every day.

That’s the goal… Hopefully that’s your goal.

If you would like to view the slides from my Cold Calling the Internet presentation us the like below:

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Ryan H.

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