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You want to believe your blog is all about quality Information.

You want to believe your blog is all about effective Conversation.

You want to believe your blog is all about the amazing Relationships.

You want to believe your blog is all about Communication and Engagement.

You want to believe your blog is all about Adding Value and Becoming a Resource…

You want to believe your blogging intentions are Pure.  But they’re NOT.


You want MORE visitors.

You want MORE newsletter subscribers.

You want a HIGHER search engine ranking.

You want MORE people to buy the kindle version of your fantastic eBook,

You want MORE people to tell you how Awesome your content is.

You want MORE people to hire you to speak to their organization.

You want to charge HIGHER rates for advertising on your website.

You want MORE people to buy your products.

You want to be seen as an AUTHORITY.

You want to be RICH an FAMOUS.

You want to be a freaking blogging GANGSTER…


It’s called Ambition.

Don’t fight that monster deep down inside you that feeds off SUCCESS.

Don’t ever forget what we’re here for… Mediocrity… NO… We’re here to Kick-Ass.

We’re here to be the best version of ourselves.

We’re here to make money and be happy and be awesome and create amazing relationships and add value and become famous…

We Blog for our readers, but we also Blog for ourselves.

You’re intentions don’t always have to be Pure for your blog voice to be powerful and valuable.

Never forget that YOU are the most important part of your blog.

Take care of you so you can take care of your readers.

Thank you and Good Luck!

This has been a public service announcement that hit me at 924pm on Monday the 20th of February 2012.  If you’re into this kind of stuff subscribe to my newsletter… It’s awesome.

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    • haha… I think those are the sentiments of so many bloggers… We do what we do because we love it… But a little lute would be nice.

      Well hopefully we can figure out how monetize these bad boys and deliver tons of Value and then EVERYONE wins..


  • Ryan,

    I have to agree with you. While I love the idea of pure intentions, they can often be what holds people back. For example, my friend is in a band. I told him that his name was somewhat offensive and could stop “regular” people from sharing his music via social media (and helping it become more popular). It sounded too marketing-like to him (impure, I guess). He was torn by the whole discussion because he wanted to be pure and creative but I think he realized that you have to sell out a little to help people help you.

    Same with a blogger. Only worry about pure intentions and many times you’ll be talking to a very small crowd or will be in the poor house while keeping your values.

    • Tom,

      You summed it all up buddy. Exactly. That is exactly the deal. And your example is perfect. Your friend has to sell records and if a slightly toned down Band name turns his success from tragic to exponential… Well, that’s just something that needs to happen.

      Ryan H.

  • Hi Ryan,

    You were really pumped up with energy as you wrote this. This post oozes with ambition and success. Very inspiring. This line especially jumped out at me, “Take care of you so you can take care of your readers.” This is so true, the bottom line is that we can only be able to give that which we have. As long as we stay true to ourselves the rest of the stuff somehow does fall into line. The title of this post is great…


  • This reminds me of my guest post here… :D

    And I refuse to declare my ‘ambition’ to be anything but PURE.

    Preach on and testify, man :)

    P.S. Things get muddy when people talk of separation “you/me” “us/them”… in actuality, anything that helps any of us, helps all of us — but that gets all metaphysical, and “we are all one” gets boring… fast.

    A taste of Jason Fonceca’s work: Are You Giving Success Or Are You Giving Failure

  • Great post Ryan & I couldn’t agree with you more. Your post was so inspiring & a great reminder that we need to love what we do so that we can ultimately help others.

    I’m off to share!

  • Holy begeezums.

    Everybody wants to claim they’ve got a manifesto that defies all others, but seriously, this is the best thing I’ve laid my eyes on all day. Here’s to wanting more and being damn proud of it!

    From one freaking blogging gangster to another:)

  • Love it. This is how I look at it: My purpose is to serve others. Period.

    Which includes loving my wife. Raising my kids. Helping other children and reaching out to help entrepreneurs through my blog.

    So how can I do this best? By making sure I take care of myself first. Body, spirit, mind & soul.

    How can I serve others with everything I have if I am a big train wreck in the corner? Not possible.

    Well said Ryan…. :-)
    A taste of Eric T. Wagner’s work: 7 Lessons From An Out-of-Whack Entrepreneur

  • Agreed. We do many things for ourselves in our lives and there is nothing wrong with having high ambition and aspirations. Self-interest is perfectly OK (and different from being “selfish”).

    I think a lot of those out there who may be struggling to find the success they with their blog are focusing too much on the symptoms of success and not enough on the attributes which are the cause. Excellent post, as always, Ryan!
    A taste of Jason Anthony’s work: What To Do When You’re Handed A Blank Check

  • This is a good message that you should blog for you and be happy.

    But people who are successful in blogging they often blog for others and they don’t feel anything wrong in selling stuff as long as that adds value to their tribe. Important point to understand that whatever you do, you are one of the kind and you should not try to be some one else.