Be the Professional You Are in the Social World

This morning I had a cup of coffee with Rick Morgan, New Media/Social Web Strategist and VP New Media at Aartrijk.  We had a very thought-provoking discussion about social media, its place in insurance, and how to effectively utilize the medium to engage your specific community.

One of the points that we kept coming back to was Value, specifically referring to the Value of the content you produce in the social media space.  We agreed that you don’t need to be a Pulitzer Prize winning writer to create content with high Value.

You wouldn’t walk into a Chamber of Commerce networking event and drop your sales pitch on the first person you see, would you? (If you are doing that, please stop, your giving insurance professionals a bad name).  So why do you write Tweets, Facebook Messages, and Blog Posts with hard sell sales content?  No one likes that crap, its a turnoff.

I’m a Professional

I’m not an overly prideful guy, but I do fancy myself a Professional.  I treat people with respect and care and talk to each and every person I meet as if they were the only person in the room.  I dress in manner that reflects my professionalism and I try to apply the common courtesies that a civilized society deserves.  This is called “Giving a Good Impression.”  Whether it is the first or twentieth, doesn’t matter.

What do you think it says about your Professionalism when try to hard sell people all the time with your online content? What impression does it give when your online presence looks like it was built in 1998?  How much Value are you adding if your online content only talks about YOU?!

Insurance Consumers and Professionals Take Notice

The Inter-Web has drastically changed the way we communicate.  The Inter-Web has not changed who are as people and how we treat each other.

Insurance Consumers, challenge the Professionals you do business with to deliver you Valuable content you can use to make more educated buying decisions.  Not just with insurance but all Professional Services.

Insurance Professionals, I challenge you to be the resource your clients deserve.  Do not just spam blast them with sales messages and discount offers.  Take the time to establish your expertise through Valuable content your clients can use.

The Rub

You are who are with or without social media.  Social Media has provided me with a venue to display the Professional I am and/or hope to be.  My hope is  that over time people will become familiar with my value system, my expertise, and my commitment to the insurance craft and want to form a relationship.  But that is who I am both on the computer and in real life.

Be the Professional you are in real life on the computer and you will provide your clients with much more Value.

I am Ryan Hanley and this is Content Warfare.