7 Reasons I’d Rather Write a Post for Your Blog than My Own

Your blog is the pinnacle of value-creating content.  Upon reading your blog every visitor yearns for the next article release.  You are a blogging savant.

When you hit your stride and amazingly valuable content seems to pour from your fingers, it’s as if your community of readers will never stop growing.

But suddenly it does stop growing… You look at your Google Analytics account and the unique page hits have flat lined.  In your heart, you believe that your content is just as valuable as it has ever been but you can’t get off the readership plateau.

You need to get your content in front of new communities.   The answer to your plateau problem is to Guest Post!

Guest Blog Posts 

Guest blog posts allow you to showcase your expertise in front of a new community of readers.  Here are seven reasons I’d rather post an article on your blog than my own:

  1. Break up blog routine monotony
  2. New readers to bring back to my community
  3. New inbound links means better SEO
  4. New eyes means fresh feedback
  5. Adds credibility to my voice
  6. Social shares of my content spread further
  7. Opportunity for blog owner to reciprocate guest post on my blog


The value of guest blog posts go both ways.  In addition to finding new communities to showcase your talent and expertise, you should be introducing the talents and expertise of other great bloggers to your readers.  Selfishly this adds value to your community by exposing your readers to a new voice, many times guest bloggers will bring their community along as well so you get more exposure.

But guest blogging is great for relationship building with other bloggers in your industry.  I have a stable of bloggers in the insurance that I really respect and I hound them for guest blog posts all the time.  This is because I love their voice (all of them have original takes on sales, social media, insurance, etc) and I know my community of readers will as well and if some of my readers begin reading their work as that is awesome!

The Rub

Just posting on your blog is not going to get you to the promise land.  Expand your community by writing for local chamber blogs, industry publication blogs, business group blogs, etc.  Guest blogging is crucial piece to your social success!

Thank you.

written by: Ryan Hanley