5 Reasons Pressgram Makes it Easy to Delete Instagram


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Intriguing, emotional, relatable images are a content marketers most powerful tool. Why do you think Facebook paid all that money for Instagram. Whoever owns the images on the web yields significant influence in the advertising and content marketing world.

Which is great for Facebook and Instagram…

…but what about me and you? What about the marketers and business owners creating images and sharing them through Instagram? What do we get?

Well, since the terms and conditions of Instagram state that we don’t own the images, all we get are “Likes” and maybe a little brand equity.

Screw that!

If I take the images, I want to own them… the problem has always been Instagram makes taking, editing and sharing images so easy that despite my distaste for their content ownership policies, I’ve always returned.

That is, until Pressgram.

Pressgram is an app for the IOS platform, (coming soon to Android), which provides pretty much the same interface style as Instagram…

…except you have the ability to post images directly into your WordPress blog.

I’ll let you marinate on that for a second… a little longer… really let it sink in… With Pressgram you’re able to take a picture, use filters to enhance and edit the image, then publish the image, with 3,000 characters of text to your WordPress blog as new blog post.

If you’re a content marketer, look up, there is a light bulb floating above your head. The implications of this are incredible.

Here is a recent post I created using Pressgram titled: Choose Your Own Path

Here are 5 reasons Pressgram has completely redefined image content marketing:

1) You own the images

Do you understand that Instagram can do whatever it wants with your images? Currently there hasn’t been any significant impact from Instagram’s terms and conditions around images, but if they wanted, Instagram could charge you to use images YOU took and posted inside their platform.

TAKEAWAY: the Internet is constantly changing the rules on us. Own as much as you can. That way when the rules change you can pivot and move on. Every image you take with Pressgram you own!

2) SEO value applied to your website

When you share an Instagram image on social media where does the SEO value go? That’s right, it goes to Instagram. Why do you think they make social sharing so easy? Because every action you take, marketing your Instagram photos is generating more authority for Instagram.

TAKEAWAY: Pressgram photos are posted to your WordPress website. When you share those photos, all the links point back to YOUR website. If a photo goes viral or is linked to by a high authority site, you receive all the SEO value of those actions.

3) More fresh content

Google loves fresh content. I’ve done several tests of the Pressgram application and found the average time for image capture to image publish is approximately 2:13. Let’s say you struggle to get more than two posts published a week on your blog… How much more content could you produce if it only took 2:13 to publish a new post with an original, relevant image?

TAKEAWAY: More fresh content, higher search ranking (generally speaking for the SEO nuts out there). For those of you worried about cluttering your homepage or RSS feed, Pressgram has a WordPress plugin that will remove Pressgram photos from your main blog feed.

4) Google Authorship applied to images

Recent research by Search Engine Land, has shown that Google is now applying Google Authorship within Google Images. The significance of this depends on how much you believe that Google is doing everything they can to drill down on every piece of online content to the human being that created it. I for one, believe.

TAKEAWAY: As Google continues to categorize and give authority to content creators through Authorship we want to get credit for every piece of content we can. Pressgram allows us to own our images on our website and pass Authorship on to images.

5) Real life story telling

As content marketing evolves and the easy “A” tricks and tactics of the early Internet days start to lose their shine, content marketing success is returning to where it belongs… with the best storytellers.

TAKEAWAY: Images allow us to tell powerful stories without incredible language. This has been my primary use of Pressgram so far… using images and few paragraphs of text to tell stories relevant to my audience. Like this Pressgram I shared titled Inspiration at 30,000 Feet.


The Rub

This post isn’t meant to slam Instagram. There are enormous numbers of people using Instagram everyday and if you aren’t publishing content there, you might not have access to them.

The question you have to ask yourself as a business owner, marketer and brand is simple:

Is there value in owning your images? 

The five reasons above make a pretty strong argument to the affirmative. Ultimately you have to make the decision. If you need more convincing visit Pressgram: Make the Switch and if you’d like to learn more about Pressgram Marketing connect with me on Google+.

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley.


Will you replace Instagram with Pressgram? If no, why are you going to keep Instagram?

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  • This is amazing news! I can’t wait to start using this. I have to share this with my friends who LOVE AND LIVE ON Instagram.

    Thanks for this! You are a genius.