4 Reasons Twitter Lists Should Be a Priority

Twitter.com is a highly debated social media platform (which is ridiculous because if can not see the value in Twitter than you may have larger communication issues.  Furthermore, if your negativity towards Twitter has anything to do with being “Old School” than you need to get over that and learn how apply “Old School” business to New Technology.  Results will follow). Returning from that tangent, for those of you who can see past the 140 character “limitation” and grasp the power of such a simplistic communication weapon, your arsenal has just been enhanced with Twitter Lists.

According social media blogger Mashable.com:

“Twitter Lists enable users to create and name their own curated lists of Twitterers.  Your lists are public by default, which means that anyone can check out who you’ve added to your topical lists, and the feature also makes it easy to see which lists you’ve been added to by other Twitter users.”

Here are Four reasons your Agency/Business should make Twitter Lists a Priority:

  1. Importance of Tweets
    • If a user places you on a list they are acknowledging that your Tweets have relevance and importance.  Essentially this is confirmation that you are providing your online community with worthwhile material.
  2. Genre or Classification
    • In what genre or classification do other twitter users view your tweets?  Each user assigns a name to their lists.  Example of lists are Capital Region, Blogger, Close Friend, Important, etc.  Do you fall in a desired list?
  3. Quickly Identify Community Buzz
    • Lists allow you to quickly scan through a community of Tweets that you have created.  Segmenting users who actively Tweet information pertinent to you and your business is powerful.
  4. Reduce Twitter Noise
    • Some days you are interested in simply scanning for fun or interesting stories from your followers (there can be some wild stuff you would have never thought to search for).  But other days you are looking for specific information and don’t want to have to deal with the noise of random tweets.

These are just four examples of the new Twitter Lists power. Can you come up with any more?  Please Share!

Thank you and Good luck,

Ryan H.