33 Excuses for Not Blogging About Your Business



Are you looking for an excuse not to blog?

Everyone is telling you that you need a blog but you just really don’t want to… And you’re an adult so you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do.

But deep down you know that you should be blogging… so you make excuses.

So what the Internet has revolutionized the way small business communicates with their customers.  You have an excuse… Actually you now have 33 excuses why you don’t blog about your business.

  1. The Internet is for people that don’t want to work hard
  2. You’re not funny
  3. You have no idea how to tell a story
  4. You don’t have the time to post consistently
  5. You have to run every post by a compliance officer (allegedly)
  6. You don’t have patience
  7. You don’t have a huge marketing budget
  8. You have no idea what the difference is between an adverb and a pro-noun
  9. You think your business is boring
  10. Everyone thinks your business is boring
  11. You live in a small town
  12. Most of your customers still don’t have an email, let alone use the Internet
  13. You think the Internet is a fad just like cell phones
  14. Your customers like to do business face-to-face
  15. No one buys your product online
  16. You’re not “tech” savvy
  17. You’ve never tapped into you’re inner awesome before
  18. You have no idea where to get blog topics from
  19. You don’t have the money for a website
  20. Most blogs fail after just one month
  21. All the good web addresses in your industry are taken
  22. There are already too many blogs in your industry
  23. You tried Twitter but no followed you
  24. You get easily overwhelmed
  25. The thought of doing video terrifies you
  26. You consider yourself to be “Old-School”
  27. You failed high school English class
  28. You have dial-up Internet
  29. You think blogging is a waste of time
  30. Your golf buddy told you blogging is for kids
  31. You only like to perform “Revenue Generating” activities
  32. You think SEO is the monogram on your attorney’s dress shirt
  33. You’re currently asking yourself “What the hell is a blog?”

Now… I hope I haven’t give you a false sense of acceptance.  Because not one of the excuses listed above are valid.  No one likes excuses…

I Don’t Care about Excuses…

“Excuses? I don’t need no stinkin’ excuses!”


You don’t care that it’s going to take time and effort and frustration and creativity?

You don’t care that people are going to judge you based on what you write and how you write it whether you’re a trained writer or not?

You don’t care there is a reasonable chance that blogging won’t make you a millionaire?


I’m proud of you… You’ve taken the first step to being a kick-ass content creating, reader subscribing, subscriber converting small business Internet marketer.

Now take the following four actions to put yourself on the path to a successful blog:

  1. Read How to Become a Professional Content Marketer.
  2. Read Why Authenticity is Step Number One.
  3. Connect with me on Twitter.
  4. Get the Content Warfare book.

Thank you and good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley