3 Methods to Build Local Relationships Online

3 Methods to Build Local Relationships Online

3 Methods to Build Local Relationships Online

This is a topic I originally struggled with.  As an Albany / Capital Region local insurance agent licensed to write business only in New York State, having relationships spread throughout the entire country and world does little monetary good.  Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore and am very thankful for the community of people I have connected with over the last two years of social media usage.  But I also need to make money and I make money by creating and growing relationships here in Albany with the most wonderful people on earth – Upstate New Yorkers…

It took me some time to come up with strategies that allowed me to continue to grow my broad base of relationships as well as my local connections.  Hopefully the following list will help you to do the same.

3 Methods to Build Local Relationships

  1. Geographical Keyword Content – If you want organic search from people in your local community your content has to talk about issues affecting the local community.  Sounds kinda remedial right?  I’m not talking about keyword stuffing your blog posts or page content.  Actually address issues that are happening currently or that happen on an ongoing basis in your community.  Give your opinion, give solutions, give tips and advice, doesn’t matter. Talk about things that affect the lives of the people you want to reach.
  2. Seek Out Thought Leaders In Your Community – Who is one of the predominant voices in your community? Doesn’t have to be in your industry, just a person of influence and/or respect.  Reach out to this person and try to add value with your content.  Try to guest post on their forum, ask them if you can do an interview, ask them to guest post on your site.  By positioning yourself next respected leaders other people in your community will begin to take notice of you and if you do good work begin to respect you.
  3. Ask Current Relationships To Spread The Word – This is essentially saying, ask for referrals.  Your current relationships, are relationships for a reason, they like you.  Ask them to get the word out about what your doing.  If these people are fans of your work they should also be your “sales” team.  Oh, and always remember to thank the person that gave you the referral, both publicly and privately.

The Rub

This stuff isn’t rocket-science but it does take work and time.  Also remember that local relationships should always be taken offline if possible.  Its hard to really get a feel for someone until you’ve had a chance to chat face-to-face.

What methods do you use to build local relationships Online?

I am Ryan Hanley