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Starting a Podcast: 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Published My First Episode

Podcasting is Having a Moment

Starting a podcast? Before you hit publish, learn the 7 things I wish I knew before I published my first podcast episode.

Boring Questions, Boring Podcast: How the Best Interviewers Stand Out

boring podcast boring questions

Is your podcast boring?I’m being serious.Are you asking the same boring questions every other podcast host asks? If so, it stops today.

5 Practical Trends in Brand Content Marketing for 2016

5 practical trends in brand content marketing

It’s time for 2016 brand content marketing trends. January brings a sense of hope, a fresh start. Get them here…

The Art of Professional Content Marketing

professional content marketing

Here we learn how professional content marketing can grow your business for the long-tail… Read it here.

On Blake Morgan and the purpose of brand.

blake morgan and the purpose of brand

What is the purpose of brand? In today’s episode of #geniusread, we examine a post titled: Was Peter Drucker Wrong? The Modern Purpose Of A Brand.

On Marcus Sheridan and professional speaking.

marcus sheridan and professional speaking

Professional speaking is not public speaking. Just because you’re willing to stand in front of audience doesn’t mean you’re doing the things necessary to be a professional speaker. Every speaker has to learn these lessons the hard way. I definitely have in my work as a keynote and content marketing speaker. On this episode of #geniusread, we examine a post from Marcus Sheridan, titled: 21 Powerful Professional Speaking Tips I Learned in 2015 You can connect with Marcus on Twitter here: @thesaleslion Follow me on Periscope to catch future episodes of #geniusread live: @RyanHanley_Com Watch the replay of today’s episode on professional speaking below:

On David Brier and exceeding expectations. #geniusread

david brier and exceeding expectations

How do you exceed expectations? How do you manage expectations? According to David Brier, at least part of the answer is simplicity is setting expectations.

The Four C’s of Beginner Content Marketing

Beginner Content Marketing

Beginner content marketing is the foundation of success online. In this article learn the four C’s of beginner content marketing to grow your business.

5 Content Marketing Tactics the Connected Generation Can’t Resist

content marketing tactics

Content marketing tactics… at each of the last three presentations I’ve given on content marketing an audience member has asked the same question…

On Shane Snow and the state of content marketing in 2016. #geniusread

shane snow and the state of content marketing in 2016

Is self-syndication (omni-channel marketing) the #1 trend in content marketing for 2016? Today on #geniusread we discuss an article from Shane Snow…

On Tea Silvestre and thinking forward. #geniusread

tea silvestre and thinking forward

Are you a thought-leader? Do you think forward? In this episode of #geniusread, we highlight a guest post by Tea Silvestre on Mark W Schaefer’s {Grow} blog.

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